Scenic Views along the Romantic Rhine

Rhine River Photos by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
While we focused on castles as our riverboat took us up the Romantic section of the Rhine River this summer, there were numerous other views that found us busily snapping photos.

I hesitate to use the word “quaint” when I describe the buildings and towns along the Romantic Rhine since it implies “old fashioned.” Picturesque, colorful and historic strike me as better. But whatever word one chooses, Peggy and I were awed by the unique look and beauty of the various buildings. All of today’s photos were taken by Peggy and me unless otherwise noted.

Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Churches, hotels, restaurants, businesses and homes were all involved in creating the look.
Photos of Rhine River by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
We found the mixture of structures from different centuries intriguing.
Photos of Rhine by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
This rather impressive chunk of slate rock is known as Lorelei. It comes with a myth attached. Lorelei was a beautiful woman whose lover was unfaithful. In a fit of despair she threw herself off the rock and perished, returning as a siren that lured passing boats to crash on the rocks. In truth, this narrow, deep section of the Rhine did lead to many shipwrecks.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
I was eager to have this structure be a medieval castle. After all, it certainly looks like one. But I couldn’t find a photo anywhere, and I looked at bunches. So maybe one of my readers out there can enlighten me.
We saw numerous churches…
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
And each church had a unique look.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
This church had an Orthodox feel to it.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
A more traditional looking church.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Rhine wines are famous throughout the world. Vineyard after vineyard decorated the steep hills. I wonder if strong legs are a requirement for harvesting. The grapes produce a medium dry white wine.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Grapes, castle, church, and a picturesque town: How much more romantic can it get?
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
More buildings that caught our attention. These had a quite scenic backdrop.
Photos of Romantic Rhine taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Three buildings, three styles, three colors. All connected.
Photo by Natasha Cox.
And finally, a reminder that our trip was to help Peggy celebrate her birthday. Here she is appropriately attired on the night of the event. Our youngest grandson Cooper joined us for the photo. Our daughter Tasha can be seen in the mirror to the right taking the photo.
Phot of man and dog performing at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans by Peggy Mekemson.
Peggy and I are in New Orleans today and are about to head on to Safety Harbor, Florida where we will spend Christmas with our son and his family. Yesterday, we visited the French Quarter and ate our mandatory beignets while watching a man perform standing on his car. He was good, but the dog sitting on the guitar made the performance totally charming. The two of them obviously played together often and liked each other a lot. As the man strummed the guitar the dog rested his paw on the man’s hand. It looked like he was doing the strumming.

On our next post we will continue to alternate Rhine River posts with blogs on our present journey. I intend to do a post on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that we visited this past spring on our way to Virginia before we started our riverboat tour in Europe.

26 thoughts on “Scenic Views along the Romantic Rhine

  1. I love the mixture and blending of styles in the architecture, how the buildings all sit next to each other as if accompanying one another throughout the centuries.
    The family portrait is lovely … a sense of closeness, a family enjoying each other’s company.
    Love the feel of New Orleans and just seeing the word beignet makes me drool. Gotta get back there some day!

    • The Rhine is a real treat. We loved the trip and it was a blast to have the whole family along.
      New Orleans was just as it is supposed to be as well, complete with beignets. We could have skipped the tornado though! That was a worrisome 45 minute as we waited out the tornado warning.
      The best to you this holiday! –Curt

  2. I think I would love to take that cruise, someday. The mix of architecture is fascinating. Even with many of the churches, it’s easy to see the additions that were added on over the years. Picturesque is the perfect word. And great shots of Peggy in her birthday headwear and of the guitar-playing duo in New Orleans. Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Curt, and a fabulous 2023 full of adventure!

    • It is certainly toward the top of our many adventures, D. Beauty, history, culture— it had it all. Peggy was certainly cute. And the guy and his dog were a real treat. The very best to you as well! –Curt and Peggy

  3. Everything about this post appealed to me. I had the same sense of Orthodoxy as you did when I saw that church. It reminded me of the Russian Orthodox churches I saw in Alaska, and in Manitoba. I really do love that architecture. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the Lorelei as a geological feature, but that photo stopped me cold. What a pile of rocks! I vaguely remembered the poem and went looking; I found this nice musical setting, and learned a bit more history in the process.

    I see this was posted on 12/14 — the same day that terrible tornado ripped through parts of the New Orleans area. I presume you’d skedalled before it rolled through, and that any bad weather farther down the road missed you.

    • That section of the Rhine earns its fame for sure, Linda. The rocks are impressive, slate as I recall. We were just glad our pilot wasn’t lured by the beautiful maiden. Maybe he had wax in his ears, like Ulysses’ sailors did to avoid the sirens. Thanks for the link.

      Oh yeah, we sat out that tornado in New Orleans under a tornado warning with thunder, lightning and a torrential downpour— in our pickup, ready to dash to a brick bathroom shelter if necessary. It was a tense 45 minutes.

      The very best to you Linda this Christmas and in the New Year. Curt and Peggy.

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