About This Blog

Kayaks belonging to the Sea Kayak Adventure group in the waters of Johnstone Strait, northeastern Vancouver Island.

Our sea Kayaks wait patiently for us as we have lunch in a cove off of Johnstone Strait where we spent seven days out sea kayaking among orca whales.

I am a wanderer by nature. Always have been. That’s why this blog is titled “Wandering through Time and Place.”

Five years of blogging on WordPress have taught me that most of my posts fall under the broad category of travel and adventure travel.

View from Sunrise Visitors center at mt. Rainier National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Looking up at Emmons Glacier from the Sunrise Visitor’s Center at Mt. Rainier.

Skim my archives to join me on past adventures. One blog finds my wife Peggy and I chugging up the Amazon and eating piranhas while another finds us lost in a raging dust storm at Burning Man in the Nevada Desert. There are blogs on national parks, totem poles, Big Horn Sheep and amorous burros. Learn what it is like to explore East Africa’s big game parks in a Volkswagen Beetle, negotiate the narrow waterways of Northern England in a 60-foot canal boat, and wake up with a bear standing on top of you in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains of California.

Morning sun catching the copper face of the temple provided the rich color here.

Morning sun catching the copper face of the temple provided the rich color here of the 2015 Temple at Burning Man.

Peggy Mekemson hikes along the Butte Fork Trail through the Red Buttes Wilderness of Northern California.

One of our trips this past year was backpacking into the rarely travelled Red Butte Wilderness of Southern Oregon, reputed to be prime Big Foot country. Peggy stopped here under a flowering dogwood.

Who knows where the winds will blow us this year, but we would love to have you along for the adventure.