Towering and Strange Cumulous Clouds… Mother Nature Struts Her Stuff in Virginia

“Quick, Curt. Grab your camera; the clouds are amazing!” our daughter Tasha urged. I did. This one featured a halo, but it was hiding its true nature: Flashing lightning, rolling thunder, roaring winds and pounding rain.

Nature is capable of putting on fantastic shows that can both awe and frighten. A thunder and lighting storm with its accompanying wind and rain is a prime example. Our grandson, Ethan, had spotted the towering clouds. They were looming over her and Clay’s home in northern Virginia. It’s also what I call our basecamp, a small attached apartment that we are using during breaks from wandering.

One look and I decided that the clouds were worthy of a post. (I admit my decision was aided by the fact that my Bryce Canyon post wasn’t ready.) Anyway, here is what we saw. Enjoy.

This cloud bares a striking resemblance to a friendly pooch, but what is that strange, round cloud peeking out behind? Apparently it also included rainbow colors. Peggy saw them but I didn’t. Another person did and sent a photo to a local TV station. Known as “iridescent clouds with a silver lining,” they are rare and sometimes include rainbow colors.
And, in conclusion, a black and white rendering. Next Friday, we will be back to the the Bryce series.

33 thoughts on “Towering and Strange Cumulous Clouds… Mother Nature Struts Her Stuff in Virginia

  1. Curt, as I recall, you have spent time with a son in Florida. Also, look for the clouds the next time you visit. They were one of the unexpected joys when we moved there in 1996. Once, a bright red setting sun over the Gulf was reflected in tall clouds in the east. It appeared like we were seeing a sunset in the east!

    • We’ve enjoyed some of those massive clouds and beautiful sunsets down there, Ray. And it seems to me that there is always something magical about the sun setting over the ocean in the west, whether it’s over the Gulf or the Pacific. Sunset time is time to stroll or sit on the beach. Hard to get much more romantic. Thanks.

  2. My gosh! Lucky you! In your first photo, you captured an image of a pileus over cumulus, with a little iridescence thrown in. Do you know about the Cloud Appreciation Society? This was unusual enough I thought there might be a photo of the same cloud, and there might be. It’s on this page, and it was taken in Leesburg, Virginia, on August 11. If the gallery is changed by the time you get there, and the photo’s been replaced, you can find it by search for pileus, or for the photographer, Michael Chamberlin.

    • It’s fun that there is a Cloud Appreciation Society, Linda. There seems to be one for everything else. I wonder if there is an International Cloud Appreciation Day? 🙂 We will be in Leesburg in a couple of hours. It’s one of our major shopping areas about 15 minutes away. Not surprising that they would see the same clouds.
      I must say, we have appreciated being able to shop without having to devote 45 minutes to getting their and a 60 mile round trip every time we did! –Curt

  3. Curt, these are wonderful shots and absolutely worth interrupting your blog path. That is one of the brilliant things about our blogs, I think, that they are reflections of us. Not always careful and planned, but of a current snapshot of our lives sometimes. As Cindy said, this one reflects your joy and appreciation of life. As a former meteorologist, I share your deep enthusiasm with clouds (and the thunder, lightning, wind, and rain that photographs have a harder time showing). ❤

    • I suspect, Crystal, you could have given an in-depth analysis of what we were seeing given your former career. 🙂 Yeah, life has a way of moving on when we are still blogging about something that happened a few weeks or months ago. One thing that I’ve never had to worry about, is having plenty of blog material. I still need to do one on our “basecamp.” Cindy was sweet; life is pretty darned good. Thanks. –Curt

      • Thanks, Crystal. Outlook is critical. It isn’t the same as ignoring the bad stuff, which we don’t, but in emphasizing the positive, and actively looking for it. Not easy given the challenges the world is facing, or not facing.

  4. I’d be willing to bet you have no idea how much I adore clouds!!!
    I’ve been meaning to send you some news from your old neighborhood, but distractions seem to be piling on of late. 🤔

    • Well, consider them a gift then, Gunta. 🙂 Most of the news we’ve been hearing hasn’t been good. Extreme heat and fire danger, and my guess, heavy smoke given the fire across the border in Siskiyou County. I’m surprised that there is anything left to burn over there. Also saw a few weeks ago that they had to pull hikers off the PCT and take them out via Applegate Lake.

  5. When I was little, I would lie on the grass with my sisters, and we’d try to figure out what the clouds resembled. Sometimes we’d see animals or people or just objects we made up. But I never saw one with a halo! Great capture.

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