Towering and Strange Cumulous Clouds… Mother Nature Struts Her Stuff in Virginia

“Quick, Curt. Grab your camera; the clouds are amazing!” our daughter Tasha urged. I did. This one featured a halo, but it was hiding its true nature: Flashing lightning, rolling thunder, roaring winds and pounding rain.

Nature is capable of putting on fantastic shows that can both awe and frighten. A thunder and lighting storm with its accompanying wind and rain is a prime example. Our grandson, Ethan, had spotted the towering clouds. They were looming over her and Clay’s home in northern Virginia. It’s also what I call our basecamp, a small attached apartment that we are using during breaks from wandering.

One look and I decided that the clouds were worthy of a post. (I admit my decision was aided by the fact that my Bryce Canyon post wasn’t ready.) Anyway, here is what we saw. Enjoy.

This cloud bares a striking resemblance to a friendly pooch, but what is that strange, round cloud peeking out behind? Apparently it also included rainbow colors. Peggy saw them but I didn’t. Another person did and sent a photo to a local TV station. Known as “iridescent clouds with a silver lining,” they are rare and sometimes include rainbow colors.
And, in conclusion, a black and white rendering. Next Friday, we will be back to the the Bryce series.