Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere… An Easter Tale

I drove into the Pleasant Valley Campground near Tillamook, Oregon and there were bunnies everywhere, including this magnificent creature.

I drove into the Pleasant Valley Campground near Tillamook, Oregon and there were bunnies everywhere, including this magnificent creature.


With Easter having arrived, I couldn’t resist re-blogging/modifying a post I did on some really cute bunnies a while back.

I had stopped over in Tillamook, Oregon to visit the cheese factory. It sends out tons of the stuff annually. I assume all over the world. I watched women whip around 50 pound blocks of cheese like they had been working out with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This made me hungry, so I ordered a sample plate of Tillamook ice cream. Bad idea. It’s really good. I mean really, really good. But eating all of those calories made me tired. It was time to find a campground.

And this is where the bunnies came in. I pulled into Pleasant Valley Campground, a few miles south of Tillamook, and was greeted by (drum roll please) RABBITS, dozens of them. There were black ones, and brown ones, and white ones, all of whom seemed to be chasing each other around in a glorious romp to make more bunnies. After all, isn’t that what rabbits do beside deliver Easter eggs?

Ignoring the obvious, for the moment, I asked the owner where all the rabbits came from. “Oh they used to live across the street,” she informed me. “One day, a few moved over here. They didn’t do any harm and the campers seemed to like them. So I let them stay.” The rest is history, as they say. Anyway, here are some photos I took of the rabbits. Enjoy.

I am going for the awww factor with this baby bunny.

I am going for the “awww” factor with this baby bunny.

This was only a few of the rabbits, but it makes the point.

This was only a few of the rabbits, but it makes the point.

Furry rabbit near Tillamook, Oregon.

This furry gal was napping when I snuck up on her, but then, her eyes popped open…

Alert brown rabbit near Tillamook, Oregon.

And she was all wiggly ears and twitchy nose.

It rained really hard that night. I discovered I had several rabbits using my van as shelter. The step is the doorstep to my van.

It rained hard that night. I discovered I had several rabbits using my van as shelter. The step is my doorstep. My flashlight caught their eyes. Scary. Was it a case of when good bunnies go bad?

Tillamook, Oregon Bunny. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Nah. I’ll finish off with another baby bunny. It was cold out and this tyke looks cold. I almost invited it into my van to warm up. 

I don’t know how many of these bunnies participate in delivering Easter Eggs, but any of them would be welcomed here! A very Happy Easter to our friends throughout the blogging world— Curt and Peggy

52 thoughts on “Bunnies, Bunnies, Everywhere… An Easter Tale

    • Large white rabbits make me think of Alice in Wonderland. 🙂 These rabbits had as much run as they wanted. But maybe freedom is just another way to run into something that wants to eat you, if you are a well fed rabbit. –Curt

  1. Bunnies are okay, I guess. Technically not rodents, but I think I’d want to keep a distance from an entire population (herd?) nonetheless. I’ve said it before, you and Peggy get around. Safe travels.

    • It’s rare, but on occasion the domestic type do go wild. I’ve seen them on several occasions over the years. What surprises me, as Bill and I talked about above, its that they seemed to thrive and survive predation. Did the myxomatosis wipe out the wild or domestic rabbits? –Curt

  2. Fascinating. Those are domesticated rabbits. I’m amazed that they are surviving. They would be easy prey for predators, it seems. Certainly they are pretty creatures. Glad they seem to be thriving there.

    • I was surprised by their survival as well, Bill. They looked quite well fed, from the grass, and they didn’t run very fast. The campground was rural enough to have predators around, including coyotes. I told Peggy I was surprised there weren’t fat coyotes around as well. –Curt

  3. They are so adorable! It’s amazing to see that many bunnies. The most I ever saw was in Wyoming once. But I wasn’t as good as you and missed most as I tried to shoot their portraits. Between Sedona and the Pacific waves, it’s a hard choice to make.

  4. After I lived in Vermont for a few years, I got cheese spoiled. Now my cheese standards are extremely high. I refuse to eat any other cheddar here in Portland than Tillamook, no matter how expensive it gets. ($9 for a 2lb block last week – yikes!) And you are right, the ice cream is delicious.

    • I’ll post again, a few years later. So, I remembered this post when I was recently at Tillamook, and thought we could go find the rabbits. I had mistakenly been thinking hoardes of wild rabbits were simply running around Tillamook. I kept my eyes open but didn’t see any. NOW I see that they were contained more in a specific area a the campground. Well, for the moment at least. They are bunnies after all.

  5. Curt, the first thing I thought of when I saw your photos was the line from the movie “A Christmas Story” (my personal holiday favorite) “The old man can replace fuses quicker that a jack rabbit on a date.” Have a fun and decadent Thanksgiving! ~James

  6. What’s up, Doc?! 🐰

    We actually have a bunny explosion here in Orange County. They are all over the place with obviously not enough predators. California laws prohibit Elmer Fudd from stepping in California.

    And congratulations on your upcoming new arrival!!

  7. I would have brought the bunny in to warm up. Those adorable creatures are cleaner than cats and insist on hygienic conditions. Many years ago I used to raise rabbits, especially lop-eared and I still miss them!

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