PRESENTING: Petros the Magnificent… A Pelican Of Mykonos

I really like this shot of Petros.

I laugh every time I see this shot of Petros. Somehow I think ghost, or maybe preacher. “Shall we gather at the beach, brothers and sisters?” What do you think?

It’s time for another blog quickie! In fact there will be several short posts over the next few weeks. Peggy and I are heading back East to visit with our children and grandchildren in Connecticut and North Carolina for Christmas. I doubt that our five grandsons will allow much time for blogging. 🙂 Besides, you can probably use a break from my thousand word essays!

I blogged about Petros once when I was out wandering around the Mediterranean and met him on the Greek Island of Mykonos. You can go here for the full story. But the bird is so magnificent that he deserves a second post. If you’ve ever been to the island, the odds are he may have hit you up for a fish. Or ignored you. He sees lots of tourists.

Actually this is Petros II. Number one showed up in the 50s in really bad shape. The good folks of Mykonos nursed him back to health. Rather than fly away and work for a living, he decided to hang around and live the good life. Jackie Kennedy even found him a mate. Unfortunately, Petros I met his demise under a truck.

Speaking of the good life, he even has his own little fountain to hang out in.

Speaking of the good life, Petros even has his own little fountain to hang out in.

The bird was quickly replaced. Not only was he well-loved, he was a great tourist draw. One time another island even stole him, hoping to cash in on his popularity. There was almost a war.

That’s it for today… As you read this, Peggy and I are winging our way to Boston.

The look. Aren't I pretty!

The look. “I’m so pretty.” Or, “What are you looking at?”

My favorite.

My favorite. Petros looking pensive.

NEXT BLOG: The picturesque town of Mendocino on California’s rugged northern coast.

28 thoughts on “PRESENTING: Petros the Magnificent… A Pelican Of Mykonos

  1. The first image reminded me of the Greek dancers, arms out, head tipped to the side just as the music is about to start. I loved the pelicans in Florida but never saw any white ones. This is stunning. Wishing you and Peggy a wonderful Christmas with your family.😀

    • Maybe that was it, Greek Dancers! Zorba the Pelican. 🙂 And a great Christmas to you and your family, Annika. One of my presents to myself is that I have already put up posts to make it to the New Year. Don’t think I have ever been that far ahead. –Curt

      • That’s just too organised! 😀😀 My usual Virgo hyper organised self seems to be failing me this year…or perhaps I’m just too much in the infamous now!! 😀

      • Being in now is good. Unless, of course, the now is overwhelming. Our grandkids are creating lots of now moments. (grin) The latest one was out in the snow. Fortunately, Grandma bore the brunt of that one. (It was my responsibility to photograph the snowman and snow fort. 🙂 –Curt

  2. When I was there earlier this year someone told me that the island is now up to Petros 4. When I was there in 2005 it was Petros 2 who was rather friendly but this year there was never a sighting of latest Petros.
    Good luck with those grandchildren over Christmas.

    • Thanks Alison and Don. We are in Connecticut this week and will be in North Carolina next week. We had a great snow storm this morning, so ‘it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.’ The very best to the two of you. –Curt

    • Heck, Gerard, it’s called keeping them away from our electronics. They love Peggy’s iPad. But all in all, they are great kids and are as happy tackling art projects, or building Lego toys as they are playing electronic games, and their parents are rather strict there. They were also given an air-hockey game this week, so that is occupying a lot of time. Snow today has meant building a snowman and a snow fort. –Curt

  3. He is magnificent. He seems a little pinker than the white ones here, but that could be a trick of the light. I noticed just today that our whites are back in their accustomed spots, one on each of a couple dozen pilings extending out into the bay. They’re a sure sign of our winter — no white snow, but lots of white feathers.

    Happy and safe travels to you and Peggy — enjoy all the Christmas festivities, and the chance to be with family.

    • He is a beautiful bird and ended up in the area because of a storm, Linda. I’m sitting in our room (temporarily escaping from grandkids) and watching the snow come down near New London, Connecticut. It’s quite beautiful but I am letting Mom and Peggy play with the kids outside while I try to catch up on blogging. 🙂
      Thanks Linda. We have been enjoying out journey a lot so far. Next up we hit Boston for three days before heading south to Charlotte, North Carolina to be with our daughter and her family for Christmas. The very best to you as well. I’ve pre-posted blogs so they will keep rolling out to the New Year. –Curt

  4. First of all, I’m jealous that you’ve been to Mykonos and second, that you’ve photographed a bird this magnificent so closely. Love this short but sweet post — and appreciate the sentiment about the grandkids not letting you blog much. Nothing happens around here when our granddaughter visits except what revolves around her!

    • Petros is a grand bird who totally ignores the crowds that gather around him. 🙂 The biggest challenge in photographing him was not including people. Peggy takes the point on entertaining the grandkids, but grandpa gets his share. 🙂 –Curt

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