The World’s Biggest Snowball…

I looked up our road and saw our grandson Ethan( aided and abetted by his mom, Tasha, and Peggy) was rolling a mega snowball down the road. They were about to hit a steep part. Iorek, the truck and Serafina, the trailer were in the line of fire. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

Our daughter Tasha, her husband, Clay, and their two sons, Ethan and Cody, joined us for Christmas. We met them in Medford at the airport in a rip-roaring snow storm at 9:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve. With visability occasionally dropping to a few feet and the road disappearing under the snow, it was a long drive to our home in the mountains 30 miles away. Everyone agreed I had earned the stiff shot of rum I poured for myself immediately on arrival. And the second.

The visit was all play after that. We hadn’t been home for more than 30 minutes when our neighbors Bryan, Margaret and William with 10 or so relatives showed up on our doorstep to sing Cristmas Carols. Peggy raided our cookie stash to reward them, which was a good thing since she had baked enough to last a month and Tasha was eager to bake more, a mother-daughter tradition.

Two days later, I took Bryan and his family on a snow walk over the trail I had built in the National Forest behind our house. When I got back, Peggy, Ethan and Tasha were missing. That’s when I looked up the road and saw the snowball.

By the time I got up the hill, Ethan was sitting on top of his snow ball and Peggy had persuaded him that rolling it down into our canyon was a better idea than rolling it down the road. Serafina and Iorek breathed a huge sigh of relief. Ethan, btw, at 16 is now more than six-feet tall! (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

Since our other grandson, Cody, had missed out on creating the snowball, Peggy took him out on our deck to build a snowman.

Peggy and Cody working on their masterpiece.
Unfortunately, the snow was really dry. Great for skiing; not so much for building a snowman. Frosty immediately fell apart. Peggy grabbed a carrot, shoved it into the remaining pile, and declared the effort a success.
You’ve undoubtably heard of people being buried in the sand. Cody wanted to be buried in the snow. Peggy, being a good grandmother, quickly agreed. Here, she is ready to drop a large snowball on his head, finishing the job!
Cody had enough. He sat up and held out his hands for Peggy’s snow…
And naturally, grandma accommodated him!

My fun was recording the action, getting in a snowball fight, and taking photos of the snow. We had over a foot by the time the storm was finished.

We wouldn’t be sitting out on our patio!
Our rose bush had morphed into some kind of snow monster.
I saw this and thought “What the…?” Were we being invaded by aliens? On closer inspection I determined is was a reflection of a light from inside our house.
Mainly, I was awed by the beauty of the snow on the trees. I framed this with snow coming off our roof.
My favorite tree, a Douglas fir, and the forest beyond it.
A view from the other side of our house.
As you can see, the snow has now melted, which is just how we like it to behave. A few days of beauty and play, and then on its way! (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
I’ll conclude with this. It is the Ghost of Xmas Past! Snowman style.

48 thoughts on “The World’s Biggest Snowball…

    • It’s scenic to start with and the snow added another layer of beauty! We are pleased that global warming hasn’t taken out that Douglas fir. We’ve had to remove over 40 from our property so far! Thanks. –Curt

  1. How beautiful everything looked Curt! And also, your visit looks like it was a resounding success. Making a snowman, laughing and then gathering for some good food (and rum)… what could possibly be better? 🙂

  2. Wonderful. I’ve always said that if snow has to come, a foot is better than an inch. More depth allows for more beauty and more fun. Speaking of snow, I thought of you yesterday when I came across this, and laughed.

    • We had seen the article as well and laughed. Fortunately ours is up on the roof, out of reach except for the most adventuresome of cats! Who knows, down on the ground we might have bobcat cured up on it! Thanks, Linda. –Curt

  3. How wonderful that you could have family join you at Christmas. Your snow vista is magnificent!
    Our snow vistas last from about December until March or April, unfortunately. Christmas this year was also very cold. The forecast low tonight is -40C. When it warms up to a less dangerous level, we’ll start the trek to AZ for the rest of the winter!

    • Okay, that’s cold Margie! I’d be heading to Arizona as well! It was great having family here. Usually, we head the kids’ way. The snow made it special. By the time the kids were ready to leave, the snow was ready to leave as well! –Curt

  4. What a wonderful visit by your family. I remember winter fun like this from when I was young – great memories! You live in such a magestic area!!

  5. What fun with your family Curt and Peggy is a great grandma. The pictures are great and I’m cold just looking at them!
    Glad you had such a good time together and are back to the way you like things.

    • It was a bit on the cold side out there, Cindy, but not as cold as they were predicting! More like 28° the 18°. Nothing like when I lived in Alaska and went of cross country ski camping trips where the temp dropped to a -30° F. Now that was cold. Grin. We had to sleep with our shoes in the sleeping bags to keep them from freezing solid over night!
      We had a lot of fun with the family. As to whether things are returning to normals, I’m not sure how to define the word. 🙂 Welcome to the New Year! –Curt

  6. Snow is good as long as it doesn’t hang around too long. Looks like y’all had gobs of fun… as it should be! You have some lovely views there! 😍

  7. I enjoyed this post so much, and you made me laugh multiple times! Speaking of Iorek, your package is in the mail. ;o) You captured the play so well, with portraits of laughing faces. The photo of the alien spacecraft is also neat because of the fog obscuring snow-clad trees. My fave of course is the sun photo of trees framed by roof snow. I’m jealous your snow melted away so fast. Mine is STILL here, 12 days later. I am so done with snow and the roads have been wretched. The last image of Christmas Past is hilarious.

  8. Looks like a fine time was had by all! What a great Christmas. And isn’t the snow wonderful – for a short while. We’ve had some here in Vancouver too, but now it’s doing the right thing and raining again.
    Beautiful photos of all that lovely white stuff.
    Wishing you all a fabulous new year!

  9. This post made me so happy, I hope one day as my daughter grows older I am able to taker her to the mountains and forests to experience the snow. We plan to live in an area that gets some snow in winter. so this post gives me back that hope and joy.

  10. What beautiful snow pictures, and what fun for Christmas! Thanks for sharing, Curt.
    We were snowed in the whole second week of Christmas break. Our snow was dry, too, but it made for great sledding down one of our side streets!

  11. Curt, the snow views are breathtaking and ethereal – your favourite Douglas fir tree stands like a sentinel over the snow-ridden forest! Haha! That snowball could be a record breaker. It is seriously impressive and I’m laughing at poor Cody buried under the snow! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family fun and tempting us with the homemade cookies!

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