Escapism: Or Is the Word— Balance… Happy New Year

This cormorant at MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California seems to be saying, “Bring it on! Show me what you’ve got!” It’s a New Year’s type of message. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

When Peggy and I were seeking an escape in 2021, we headed for the Oregon and Northern California Coast. It seemed like a reasonable answer to what was happening in the world. There is something calming about the ocean, a balance if you will— a reminder of the past, a welcome to the present, and a glimpse of the future. The waves continue to roll in. Worries tend to fade away under such circumstances and the spirit is renewed. Bring it on. Show us what you’ve got.

With this in mind, I decided to dedicate my first post of 2022 to the beauty and the wildness of the ocean using photos that Peggy and I took in 2021.

The sheer power of the ocean can make you stop, and say “ahhh.”

The ocean is much more than crashing waves, however. There is incredible beauty…

And an abundance of plants and animals uniquely adapted to life on and in the ocean.

I’ll conclude this first day of 2022 with a photo of the Cabrillo Point Light House, which has a beauty of its own. I rendered the lighthouse in black and white to reflect historical photos found in the lighthouse museum.

HAPPY NEW YEAR— Curt and Peggy

43 thoughts on “Escapism: Or Is the Word— Balance… Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and Peggy, Curt. I especially enjoyed the photo of the solitary rock with the water cutting a channel through the spume. Here’s to cutting through a whole lot of things in the coming year, and doing it so gracefully!

  2. Gorgeous photos of the ocean, Curt. I think our evolutionary connection to the ocean – the saltwater in our blood, the way our heart beats like the ceaseless waves – evokes something ancient and calming in us. Happy New Year to you and Peggy, and Happy Travels. 😀

  3. Nappy Hew Year to you two kids, too! (2?) Looks like you’re having way too much fun out there. Can’t go wrong with a trip along the OR coast…. Isn’t Face Rock just charming! Just try to avoid backing up! ☺️ Must be getting the hang of it since we haven’t heard mention of any new mishaps.

    Be Safe and Healthy and you’re already happy (I can tell) for that new number!!! (2022 – it has a ring to it!) 💫

    • Laughing. Hard to have a backup mishap when Safina is parked in our back like. Must say our 16-year-old grandson loved camping out in the trailer when our daughter’s family visited over the holidays. He could sleep as long as he wanted or until his mom got him up, which was usually the case. 🙂
      Facerock is one of my favs. I would imagine you recognized several of the rocks from your neck of the woods. –Curt

      • Hah! Lived less than a half hour’s drive from Bandon for roughly 6 years. Had many, many chances to walk those splendid beaches after hubby died. It was what got me diving back into photography and started me blogging. And here we are….. 🤗
        Yeah… come to think of it. I wouldn’t want to take any chances to hit snow dragging a trailer. 🥴
        Bet the grandson was in heaven camping out in Serafina!

      • I can’t believe we lived here for several years before discovering Bandon, Gunta. Once we did, we’ve been back several times.

        We will be hitting the road with Serafina in a couple of weeks, assuming the weather gods cooperate. I hoping to start our full-timing adventure in March. But we will see…

        Yep, Ethan loved it. 🙂 –Curt

      • Is the shot of the sea stars current? Looks like they may be recovering. They had very nearly disappeared about the time I moved south.

      • While this photo was taken this past year when they were still suffering from the disease, Gunta, they are supposed to be rebounding quickly after they were almost wiped out. –Curt

  4. A wonderful way to summarize 2021, Curt: calm, and wild, soothing, and troubled, and so beautiful🙂
    Have a wonderful New Year, and to many more safe and happy wandering!

  5. These are splendid photos, and I love your message. A reminder of how small our problems get if we are beside the ocean and realize how big and timeless it is. And realize how lucky we are that our world is so beautiful. My faves are the waves crashing, and I love the framing of the one with seaweed in the foreground and cliffs in the background.

  6. Curt we are missing the ocean terribly. I agree there is something very soothing about the waves. the photos you and Peggy have taken brought back so many wonderful memories of our own coastal explorations. Perhaps this year will find us standing on a shore.
    Happy New Year and may 2022 bring good health and much joy to you both.

    • Of course, you do have so incredible mountains, Sue. 🙂 But I am with you and love both. We have been lucky living both here and in California to have easy access to both! Here’s to a more easy year to travel! –Curt

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