T’is the Season… for Glitches :)

With Christmas a mere three days away, it’s time for my annual Christmas post. (Shamelessly borrowed from the weird Christmas cards and letters I create for family and friends— plus past posts.)

Have you heard? There are some glitches in the Christmas present supply chain this year!

They started with us. Our kids are coming to join us for the holidays, which means we have been pressed for time. We decided to send Old Tom the Cat out to buy presents. What could possibly go wrong?

Lots. You never know what the cat will drag home! Not only was the gift too big for the door; he wasn’t housebroken. And the zoo refuses to take him back.

Meanwhile, more serious trouble is brewing at the North Pole. Blitzen was plying his red-nosed friend with eggnog and rum to make his red nose shine brighter when suddenly Rudolph had a coughing fit. Blitzen leapt six-feet away, donned his face mask and whipped out his vaccination card, waving it around like people use crosses to scare away vampires. (Does that work?) Millions of children were depending on his flying companions and him to deliver Santa and his bag of gifts to their roofs. This was no time for risks!

Santa was even more worried. He might lose his guide. The last time that happened on a foggy night, he had depended on GPS and ended up on Mars. He decided on a back-up plan…

He asked Rudolph’s girlfriend, Rudette, to be the backup for Rudolph. She was excited! She would be the first ever female reindeer to guide Santa. She would strike a blow for equality. Little girl reindeer the world over would look up to her.

Even that didn’t resolve Santa’s concerns. Rudette and Rudolph are quite close. They even share the same stall and who knows what else. When one gets sick; the other is likely to as well. Santa decided to be 100% safe. He would recruit a back up to the back up. He searched the Northlands far and wide for someone to guide his sleigh. And got lucky…

Monty the Mauve Nosed Moose volunteered his services if needed.

So rest assured kids, Santa and his eight reindeer plus someone with a shiny nose will deliver your presents this year. In Santa’s immortal words:


Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night… Plus a Happy and Healthy 2022!


26 thoughts on “T’is the Season… for Glitches :)

  1. Have a beautiful and happy Christmas with your family.
    By the way, don’t worry, Reindeers are really the most beautiful and clever
    beings. They will find the way – always. 🤗🌲.


  2. I laughed at that throwaway line about landing on Mars. I have a friend who constantly has to tell Uber drivers to ignore Google maps; they have her located two blocks away from her actual home.

    Here’s to easier traveling through the next year! Merry Christmas to you and Peggy, and of course to Bone. Be sure and let him rest up a bit, too!

    • PS: Bone was busy on Christmas Day. He was one of the stops on the grandkid’s annual Treasure Hunt. I give them a clue and then they have to find the object. Here was Bone’s clue: “I hold the world record for being submerged in a pitcher of Margaritas in Mexico while holding my breath. Occasionally, a beautiful woman would pull me out, kiss me, pledge her love, and put me back in the tequila. I was one happy camper. At another time, I blessed by the Pope. My clothing is made for me by a 90-plus year-old Kansas woman and a 70-plus year-old Montana bowman. “

    • No Googling this time, I asked my experts, my nephews and my Son-in-law.. They told me Dasher and Dancer. So I didn’t cheat. 🙂 Well, maybe. My Son-in-law works for Google and he uses Bing. My hands are clean. –Curt

  3. Curt, you are a never-ending source of joy and hilarity. Thanks for this update on the goings-on at the North Pole. I hope that Rudolph, Rudette, or Monty managed to find you and Peggy this year. And I see you woke up to a white Christmas. How lovely. Wishing you and yours all the very best in the new year. 🙂 ~Terri

  4. All preparations seem to have worked perfectly! 😀 Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and Peggy a very happy and exciting New Year! PS. Love the Bones clue! Did they find him?

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