There’s Something Fishy about Barcelona’s Public Market

Meet Jaws. I met him at Barcelona’s public market.

Barcelona’s public market, La Boqueria, was on our must-see list when we visited the city in 2015. It’s rightfully famous for its size, variety of food, tapa bars and number of tourists. Not surprisingly, Catalans have become a bit grouchy about the latter. “Buy fish, don’t take photos!” one yelled at me. Little did he know that I was helping him out. If more people featured ugly seafood in their photos of La Boqueria instead of chocolate and oranges and mushrooms, and peppers, and corn, and garlic and strawberries, and cheese, and delightful tapa bars, fewer people would visit. Heck, fewer tourists would likely come to Barcelona. Problem solved.

So think of this as my campaign to help the Catalans who are hoping that the tourist numbers don’t climb into the stratosphere again when the coronavirus ends. The slogan for the campaign is, “Barcelona: Stop and Smell the Fish— but Don’t Let Them Bite You!”

While Jaws won the contest as poster child for the campaign, Ugly was a close second.
I don’t want to discriminate against other forms of seafood. This squid was hardly cute.
It’s hard to qualify shrimp for the campaign, but…
I’ll conclude with this photo, also a serious contender for poster child. I don’t have a clue what it is but I would be hard pressed to identify it as edible! Maybe some of the folks who follow my blog can identify it. Maybe they will even declare it is absolutely delicious!

NEXT POST: It won’t be on ugly seafood. (grin)

20 thoughts on “There’s Something Fishy about Barcelona’s Public Market

  1. Just let me note: I’ll take spiders and snakes over some of this stuff any day. Shrimp are good, and oysters. Clams, too. But squid, and other of that ilk? No, thank you.

  2. Hmm? When we visited a long time ago, I seem to recall my own photos were of pleasing displays of colorful fruits and vegetables, huge hanging hams and stacks of eggs. Your seafood photos are interesting but……

  3. Well that’s interesting, I’ll give you that! 🙂 While I have not been to Barcelona, I have been to Madrid, and there was something equally fishy going on at their public market 🙂

  4. Give me sea food over chocolates even though the latter might be easier to look at. My total sugar intake is a spoonful in my coffee or tea and that’s that. Never been fond of sweets except when young. Give me a nice herring anytime or a bunch of smoked young eels.

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