Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere on the Day After Easter…

Is this the Easter Bunny?

When I was a child, I used to believe in the Easter Bunny who hopped around delivering brightly colored eggs to children all over the world. He was like Santa, magical, but he didn’t have a sleigh and flying reindeer. So he had to be very, very fast. I believed that he was a jackrabbit, which happened to be the fastest bunny I knew. So what if he was a hare.

The bunny would need long legs and a streamlined body like these two jackrabbits that showed up in our back yard a few months ago.
I mean, how in the heck could a fat, contented fellow like this make it around the world in one day? Furthermore, why would he want to?
It’s much nicer to sit around munching green stuff and sleeping in the sun.
Any suggestion that he slim down and start exercising would get you the ‘look.’
He might even become a bad bunny. An no, no, no— you wouldn’t want that.

As an adult, I sadly gave up the idea of one Easter Bunny. It would take hundreds, thousands even millions of bunnies to make all the deliveries. But why not. Given the proclivity of bunnies to make other bunnies, lots of other bunnies, it is completely feasible. So I now believe in bunnies, bunnies everywhere. I even found one of their bunny production facilities. A few years ago I was traveling up the Northcoast of Oregon and came to the town of Tillamook. You may know it for its cheese, or even better yet, its ice cream.

I pulled into an RV campground and found enough bunnies to easily handle the city and surrounding countryside on Easter. I also noticed bunnies chasing each other around. I stopped one and asked one what was going on. “Are you blind,” he asked in amazement. “We are making more bunnies so the old fat bunnies can retire. They get nasty if they have to work too hard.” Oh,” I had replied.

Everywhere I looked in the yard I saw bunnies.
A young bunny was chowing down on grass so it could grow up and be an Easter Bunny.
She stopped long enough to allow me to take her photo. “Aren’t I pretty,” she noted. And yes, it’s true. Girl bunnies have an equal opportunity to grow up and become Easter Bunnies.

NEXT POST: It’s another arm chair travel day as I head off to the lovely city of Dubrovnik.

17 thoughts on “Bunnies Bunnies Everywhere on the Day After Easter…

  1. Don’t believe I have ever seen a white bunny in the wild.
    I was pleased, however, to see a proclamation earlier last week declaring the Easter Bunny an “essential service” while saying at the same time social-distancing protocols still had to be observed – not public Easter egg hunts, etc.

    • I know, Ray, even the rabbits had to put up with social distancing. Private Easter egg hunts were still going strong, however, if our grandkids were any example. The white bunny and its companions were all ‘domestic’ bunnies gone wild. 🙂 –Curt

  2. Ahh, Curt, so many cute and busy Bunnies. Of course you have to believe in them. We need some magic.
    The last picture is so charming with the Bunny posing very prettily.


    • I am always amazed at the variety, G. When I lived in California, I would go to the State Fair every year and the rabbit barn was always on my must-do list.
      We raised them briefly when I was a kid and about all I remember about them was their taste. –Curt

    • I know, sigh, introduced without any natural predators to keep them in check. Those big fat but cute bunnies near Tillamook would stand little chance around here between the foxes and cougars, and bobcats and coyotes, and bears not to mention hawks and eagles.

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