The Last Laugh… Plus Three Final Scary Stories to Wrap up Halloween!

I looked out my window and saw our two pumpkins laughing at me. They were having a last laugh…


I looked out my window and caught Bad Kitty and Fire Face laughing their heads off, so to speak.

“We fooled you,” they roared. “You thought we were scary! We were wearing costumes.”

“I am actually a very friendly kitty,” claimed Bad Kitty. “My real name is Pumpkin Kitty. My teeth were false. It was fake news. He, he.”

“And I’m known as Oak Ball because I am shaped like one,” Fire Face chortled. “My mother was a pumpkin but my father was an oak tree. Linda was right! That’s why my eyes and mouth have an oak leaf look.”

“We are on our way back to the Great Pumpkin Patch in the sky, but we’ll be back again someday,” I heard them exclaim as they rolled off down into our canyon.

And thus the tale of two wandering pumpkins draws to a close. I did promise Christie I would reference other ghostly experiences I have had and blogged about before moving on, however. Here are the links and a brief description.

The Attack of the Graveyard Ghost: My sister, Nancy, is deathly afraid of ghosts, which was a serious problem when we lived next to the Graveyard. It was made worse by the fact that her boyfriend lived next-door but she had to walk past the Graveyard to see him. She was walking home alone one night when it happened. A ghost attacked her…

The Ghosts of Fort Mifflin: Fort Mifflin, located next to Philadelphia, is supposed to be one of the most haunted sites in America. Peggy and I went there on one dark Halloween night with thoughts of reconnecting with my dead ancestors who had been killed there during the Revolutionary War. One had been cut in half by a cannon ball! We weren’t really expecting to find any ghosts, but then some weird things happened that had Peggy and I scrambling to find other people…

The Disappearing Scottish Woman: Peggy and I were off in Scotland pursuing yet another dead ancestor, this time a Scottish martyr from the 1600s. I had walked over to a woman who was standing on a porch to ask permission to cross her property and she disappeared. Things don’t get much more spooky. Read on…


Next up: The petroglyphs of Lava Beds National Monument

20 thoughts on “The Last Laugh… Plus Three Final Scary Stories to Wrap up Halloween!

    • Absolutely. As the acorn and my old math professor used to say: Geometry. (Gee, I am a tree) It was the only joke I ever heard him utter and had probably been repeated to generations. Thanks, Gerard. –Curt

  1. Curt, you are such a great storyteller! I did enjoy your other stories, even though the prank on your sister was a though one, I wonder if your sister did speak with you for the next few weeks🙂
    Happy Anniversary to you and Peggy, enjoy your trip! – Christie

  2. These pumpkins and Halloween have really inspired you, Curt. What a cool series of posts you gave us. Love siblings’ stories so I enjoyed the one with your sister 🙂
    Someone in the comments above mentioned your storytelling talents and it’s true that you’ve got a knack for these stories. Keep up the entertaining work, Curt. For our delight.

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