A 180,000 Pound Sculpture, A Giant Puppet, and Lots of Other Art… Burning Man 2017: Part 11

Euterpe is a giant teenage puppet who walks and talks. I found her resting on her bed. The artist is Miguel Angel Martin Bordera from Spain. The bicycle provides perspective.


I am wrapping up my coverage of Burning Man art today. Only the Man remains. This post will be mainly photos. Enjoy.

Gravity sculpture at Burning Man 2017

Zachary Coffin has been to Burning Man several times with his massive art. This year he brought a large steel dome with five arms, each of which supported a 15,000 pound block. Climbing was welcome and encouraged!

Múcaro sculpture at Burning Man 2017

Meet Múcaro, a 30 foot tall wise owl created by El NiNO from Los Angeles.

Múcaro close up, Burning Man 2017

A close-up.

Phoenix Rising out of Playa, Burning Man 2017

Another bird of legendary fame, the Phoenix rises out of the Playa.This sculpture was created by Nicholas Palmer from South Lake Tahoe, California.

Phoenix Rising sculpture at Burning Man 2017

From the other side. The Tree of Ténéré can be seen in the background.

Efflorescence at Burning Man 2017

Inspired by the Flaming Lotus Girls from San Francisco, the Blazin’ Lily Gals from Calgary, Canada brought 13-foot-tall metal flowers that shot fire into the air and named their work Efflorescence.

Efflorescence close up, Burning Man 2017

A close up of one of their flowers.

Noetica at Burning Man 2017

The Flaming Lotus Girls have been providing art to Burning Man for years. This year’s piece was named Noetica.

XOXO 3 Burning Man 2017

Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg are also regulars at Burning Man and return year after year with large letters that usually spell out words. This year it was XOXO, hugs and kisses.

XOXO 4 Burning Man 2017

Another perspective.

Shadowy love at Burning Man 2014. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

This sculpture by Laura and Jeff from 2014 provided a bit of hope for the people of Sonoma and Napa Counties being ravaged by fires over the past week. Being part of the Paradise Ridge Winery sculpture collection, it was still standing after the fire had burned through the area and has now gone viral on the Internet.

Daruma by Angela Chang Burning Man 2017

Small but quite interesting, this is a Japanese Daruma Doll that is used to set goals by painting in the eyes. The writing on the chest is Japanese for ‘enter good fortune.’ Angela Chang from Los Angeles is the artist.

Dancing Electricity, Burning Man 2017

Electricity danced between two poles.

Hurry Up Slowly, Burning Man 2017

Hurry Up Slowly by Freetown Christiania of Copenhagen, Denmark was a giant wooden snail.

Aluna sculpture, Burning Man 2017

Aluna by Juan David Marulanda-López and Team Aluna from Bogotá, Colombia was designed to be a reflection of itself.

ILUMINA with chairs at Burning Man 2017

ILUMINA by Pablo Gonzalez Vargas of Mexico City changed colors, vibrated, and talked to Burners. Here it is during the day with a set of futuristic chairs. The temple can be seen in the distance.

ILUMINA at night, Burning Man 2017

Lit up at night.

ILUMINA lit up by burning Temple, Burning Man 2017_edited-1

The night the Temple burned, ILUMINA was lit up by the fire. It serves as a fitting end for today’s post.


NEXT BLOG: The Man at Burning Man and his fiery end.








36 thoughts on “A 180,000 Pound Sculpture, A Giant Puppet, and Lots of Other Art… Burning Man 2017: Part 11

  1. Thank you for sharing these photos, Curt – always a wonder and delight to see the creative flair at Burning Man. Wow! I’m captivated by the idea of the dancing electricity; I love the XOXO! 😀

    • I started going to Burning Man several years before I started blogging, Annika, but as soon as I started blogging, I knew that Burning Man was something that I wanted to share. Thanks. –Curt

  2. Suddenly, I was back in high school science class — what a terrific example of a Tesla coil. I have to say the owl may be my favorite, but “Hurry Up Slowly” has a lot to commend it. I have a feeling you were doing some hurrying up quickly to get all these photos!

    • Tesla coil written large, Linda. Inside the owl was a stairway you could walk up with different school years represented,. The artist created the piece to honor a teacher of his that had made a difference in his life. And, yes, I was a pretty focused camper! 🙂 –Curt

  3. Just when I thought your posts couldn’t get any better…there is more wonderful art! You are right, my Canon camera is longing to go there! 🙂

  4. Almost beyond belief! Magnificence in size and artistic creativity. I have always wanted to go to BM primarily to experience the art works. Beautiful photos and very nice to see the artists names and country origin.


    • I think that some of the world’s best art is now being developed for Burning Man, Cynthia. And certainly in terms of large sculptures. And you are welcome. I always enjoy sharing Burning Man. –Curt

  5. Truly magnificent. In Australia we have a big banana and other kinds of public sculptures, a large prawn or pineapple with even an inexplicable Tudor Knight, but by and large nothing comes close to that of ‘Burning Man.’

  6. After BM, do these sculptures take up residences in other places, such as parks, museums, etc, or are they considered transient like the Man? (BTW, I like the Phoenix best too).

    • Yes, many of them do, Dave. In fact I received a request last week to use photos I had taken of R’Evolution, a large female sculpture, that is being transferred to Washington DC. A video is being made of the move and placement. –Curt

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