Out of the Woods… For a Day

Ready for another adventure, I look out toward the Black Buttes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains north of I-80. Peggy dropped me off at the trailhead, wished me well, and took this photo. And then I headed down the trail.

I am out of the woods— for a day— and decided to check in. I have just finished backpacking by myself for a week in the Grouse Ridge Non-Motorized Area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains north of Interstate 80. I’m going back into the same area tomorrow with Peggy, our daughter Tasha, and our grandsons Ethan and Cody. It’s a beautiful area, and I have lots of adventures to share. Like how do you persuade a cow that she really doesn’t want to camp with you overnight?

Anyway, here are a few photos to serve as a teaser. I should be home next Monday, which will give me a chance to catch up with fellow bloggers after a summer of backpacking. Of course I will be madly getting ready for Burning Man 2017… (grin).

I expect to see wild animals out on the trail, but this one didn’t seem particularly wild. In fact, I think she wanted to camp with me. Maybe she had seen the same fresh bear poop I had.

Turns out the weather was much more of a challenge than the bear. Shortly after my discussion with the cow, I was in the middle of a thunder, lightning and hail storm!

This is an area of incredible beauty that I have returned to again and again over the years. There are meadows filled with flowers…

That are always forcing me to stop and take their photo.

Numerous small lakes…

And the Black Buttes, seen here at Glacier Lake— lit up by the setting sun.

A final shot from Glacier Lake as the sun goes down, outlining what I considered to be a very strange tree.

See you all next week. —Curt


39 thoughts on “Out of the Woods… For a Day

    • Run fast, I think. 🙂 The youngsters have more to fear than the adults. It doesn’t seem like the bears create too many problems. Cougars are more of a threat.
      Yes, it’s off to Burning Man again! –Curt

    • The beauty of the area persuaded me to take up backpacking ever so long ago Christie. I was delighted to discover that it is still just as beautiful. I will be putting up 3 or 4 posts. The challenge will be reducing my 500 photos. 🙂 –Curt

  1. Madly getting ready for Burning Man? Yay can’t wait to see your posts! I am smiling at the vision of the cow trying to crawl in your tent. Bears, thunderstorms… what is a bovine to do?

    • Camp, actually, Sue. I might have been out of the woods in a flash with a cow trying to join me in my tent! 🙂 You will see in my Saturday blog, however, that the same white cow came to visit a week later in a totally different location… I think she liked me/us. –Curt

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