The Bush Devil Ate Sam and 84 Charing Cross Road

Hilary is a writer who lives in England and maintains a very interesting blog that I have followed for quite some time now. –Curt

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Let’s hear it for non-fiction! I have just had the most entertaining and informative week (and I get to write a seriously disconnected title for a post).

Curt Mekemson‘s book, The Bush Devil Ate Sam…And Other Tales of A Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa, is an important record and a serious story, yet told easily, and with delightful humour. This is one of the most satisfying books I have ever read, because it entertained me thoroughly AND made me feel better informed.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 20.35.09In America in the 1960s, Berkeley was one of the cradles of independent thinking. Here, youth, hope and idealism produced (for a while) creative, open-minded solutions to world problems. Curt was there and tells us how it really was.

From there we go with Curt and his wife, as raw Peace Corps recruits, to Liberia. Curt never fails to spot the funny elements of his varied adventures and he writes with an pleasing straightforwardness. Their lives…

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13 thoughts on “The Bush Devil Ate Sam and 84 Charing Cross Road

    • It is so appreciated, Hilary. As you well know, we put so much time and energy into our books. Years in fact. As a humorous aside, I sent a copy off to my former wife who was in the Peace Corps with me and waited nervously. I am happy to report that she ordered several copies for friends and family. 🙂 –Curt

  1. Can’t wait to read it Curt. Kindle still not functioning – back in Vancouver in about 2 weeks – one of the first stops will be the genius bar at the apple store!
    Lovely review.

  2. Hilary said it best. My thoughts exactly, And Peggy was so lucky to have witnessed the appreciation on Curt’s face when he read her review. It is a wonderful book Curt. Mom is reading it now.

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