Kayaking the Beautiful Squaw Lakes of Southern Oregon… An Interlude

Kayaking on Squaw Lake, Oregon. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Peggy paddling our inflatable Innova Kayak on Little Squaw Lake.

We went kayaking yesterday at a small lake near our house. It’s about seven miles away southeast of Applegate Lake. We can easily head up there when we have a couple of hours to spare. I am not done with my Burning Man series but thought you might enjoy this interlude. When I complete Burning Man, I am going to blog about a weeklong sea kayak trip Peggy and I took this summer off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Reflection shot on Squaw Lake in southern Oregon.

Paddling under cloudy skies, we thought it might rain.

Kayaking on the small Squaw Lake in southern Oregon provides beautiful refection shots. Photo by Curtis Mekemson

But then the sun came out, allowing for this very green reflection shot.

Young steer next to Squaw Lake in Southern Oregon. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

We kayaked up to the end of the lake and caught this photo of a young steer, who also seemed happy to see the sun. 

Cumulous clouds dominate the horizon at Squaw Lake in southern Oregon.

Towering cumulus clouds dominated the horizon.

Cumulous clouds reflected in Squaw Lake of Southern Oregon near Applegate Lake. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

And were reflected in the lake.

Turtle sunning on Squaw Lake in Southern Oregon near the California border. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

A curious turtle, blending into the green, checked us out.

Jane and Jim Hagedorn kayaking on Squaw Lake in Southern Oregon. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Peggy’s sister, Jane Hagedorn and her husband Jim, joined us. We often take friends and family up to Squaw Lake. Its beauty and small size make it an ideal location for beginning kayakers.

Photo of Squaw Lake in Southern Oregon. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

A final photo capturing the beauty and peace of the lake. Ripples from a fish that had just jumped are on the lower right. Next blog: Back to Burning Man.

36 thoughts on “Kayaking the Beautiful Squaw Lakes of Southern Oregon… An Interlude

  1. Another sigh, this time for happy holidays canoeing down the Loire and the Danube. Though our home-made folding canvas and wood canoes look a little different from your buoyant kayaks. I never persuaded my husband and children to take it up fully, though we did get some fibre-glass ones and we had some fun.

    • I am sure you would get in and out of a kayak with the same grace we manage, Gerard. Alls fair as long as you avoid falling in the water. (grin) And we are lucky in terms of where we lived. –Curt

    • Thanks. It was mainly windless, James. Some of the photos reflect small waves. But it wasn’t one of those days where you and the wind fight over which direction you are going to travel. 🙂 –Curt

  2. Great pics Curt….I am a kayaker myself, but mine doesn’t blow up..hahah I adore the peaceful time on lakes when I get the chance and plus I live off the Rio Grande so we take them down the river. Oh what fun!

    • Thanks Slingshot. Peggy and I just went on a week long sea kayak trip off of northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia looking for orcas. Beautiful. I will be blogging about it as soon as I finish up on Burning Man.As for the Rio Grand, we spent one Christmas camping in Big Bend National Park in Texas. What a beautiful area. –Curt

  3. Really peaceful and almost from another planet after Nevada and the Burning Man adventures. Gorgeous photos, as always. You are fortunate to be so close to a place where you can throw a canoe or kayak in the water.

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