Sailing Off into the Sunset… And On to New Adventures

Mediterranean sunset.

What’s not to like about a beautiful sunset. This one took place off the southern coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.

I am a sucker for sunsets, which is a good thing. Sunsets, waves and spectacular cloud formations are what pass for scenery on the open ocean. My dad, who started and ended his life as a painter, dismissed sunsets as postcard pictures. Nevertheless, when I went through several thousand of his photos after he died, I discovered numerous photos of the setting sun. Nobody can resist a beautiful sunset. Along with fireworks, they are the number one cause of oohs and ahs.

Mediterranean sunset off the coast of Southern Italy.

A close up of the same sunset shown above.

As for sailing off into the sunset, sailors have been doing this since the first sail was invented. (The western heroes of my youth rode off into the sunset, instead. After doing in the bad guys, they would kiss their girls goodbye– probably on the cheek, climb on their faithful horses, and ride off into the west as the sun sank behind the horizon and the picture slowly faded. “Hi-o Silver away!”)

Once we left our farthest point to the east, Kusadasi, Turkey, we sailed into the west all the way to Galveston, Texas. Since our ship inevitably pulled out of port in late afternoon, there were ample opportunities for sunset photos. I decided that a few of these sunsets, along with some cloud formations, would make a fitting end for my series on Mediterranean Ports.

Sun shining through clouds on the Atlantic Ocean.

Sun shining through clouds can be quite dramatic. We took this photo in the Atlantic.

Somewhere in my youth, I was required to color clouds like this in Sunday School. The image has never quite left me.

Close up of the above photo. Somewhere in my youth, I was required to color clouds like this in Sunday School. The image has never quite left me.

Cumulous clouds over Mediterranean Sea.

Clouds over the sea can also provide drama, as this towering cumulus does.

Towering Cumulous cloud over the Mediterranean.

Another cumulus cloud over the Mediterranean.

The sea bird soaring between the clouds spoke to how close we were to shore.

The seabird soaring between the clouds spoke to how close we were to shore.

These clouds over the Atlantic appeared less threatening but brought a storm.

These clouds over the Atlantic appeared less threatening, but brought a storm.

Caribbean sunset

This impressionistic photo of purples and pinks was taken in the Caribbean south of Florida at the end of the trip.

NEXT BLOGS: I hope you have enjoyed our journey through the Mediterranean. In three weeks Peggy and I will begin another adventure, this time driving from our home in Southern Oregon to Alaska via the Northwest US, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Please join us. In the meantime, I will introduce you to our hometown of Jacksonville, Oregon; take you on a trip though the Southwestern US exploring thousand-year-old Native American rock art, and catch up on what’s happening with Burning Man 2013. Peggy and I will again be traveling to Burning Man after we return from Alaska.

12 thoughts on “Sailing Off into the Sunset… And On to New Adventures

  1. The clouds and sunsets are a perfect conclusion to your Mediterranean series that I have enjoyed so much. And your next adventure sounds fascinating. Have you made the Alaska drive before? And are you doing it in your RV? ~Terri

    • Thanks Terri. We would call each other in our group to go outside and look.
      This will be the fourth time I have been over the Alaskan Highway. The scenery is spectacular. –Curt

  2. One of the best features of my apartment is the window next to my desk, and one of my favorite times to spend at the computer is early evening. In summer the sun sets directly out the window, but it’s always nice, and I have quite a variety of sunsets to keep me amused.

    My faovites of those you posted are the two with the added seabird. The last looks like a more-than-usually cheerful Rothko canvas. The colors are amazing.

  3. Great cloud and ocean series, Curt! I love the drama and the amazing colors. There is one Dutch painter who painted on the subject of clouds and the waters of the North Sea which I find very appealing. 😉

  4. Curt,
    Do you ever sell rights to use your photos? I am interesting in placing your image
    that accompanies “The seabird soaring between the clouds spoke to how close we were to shore.” for a program brochure that I am designing… Please email me. (I’m entering my email below
    Thank you!
    Julie Vohs

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