From Daliesque to Mandalesque… Burning Man Art

it isn’t unusual to find artists at work during Burning Man. This Burner was creating a painting at Center Camp.

I want to express my appreciation to WordPress for featuring my Burning Man Mutant Vehicle blog on Freshly Pressed. It is truly an honor. 

Art is often the focus of my Burning Man Blogs. This year I have featured sculpture, mutant vehicles and costumes. Paintings of various types are also common in Black Rock City. They range from mural to mystic. My blog today will take a quick look at Burning Man’s non-sculpture art.

Salvador Dali would have stopped to appreciate this work.

I am heading out to Burning Man as this blog is posted. I am excited… almost as excited as I was when I made my first journey in 2004. Burning Man lists 354 art pieces for 2012. Ninety-three are scheduled to go up in flame. There will be much to blog about. Internet service is limited at Burning Man. I will blog from there if possible. Otherwise check back in a week.Thanks for stopping by.

A vacant fence becomes an excuse for mural art at Burning Man. I like the bright colors and the facial expressions on the fish and sea horses.

Luna, AKA Peggy, checks out a giant BUNNY in this mural. Odds are it is connected with the Billion Bunny March which makes its way through Black Rock City.

Eastern mysticism often makes its way into Burning Man art. Several huge paintings were on the inside wall of a 20 foot high tent. They were lit up by the sun much like a stained glass window in a church.

This painting had the feel of a mandala to it. I felt myself being drawn in.

I’ve already featured the photo montages of Montage Camp but I like their work enough to post two more.

What I like so much about the Montage Camp artists in Black Rock City is their ability to capture the feel of Burning Man.

Many art projects in Black Rock City are interactive. I caught Luna checking out her image in a kaleidoscope.

I found these mirrors at Burning Man created a Picasso-like Cubist self-portrait.

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