Four Days to Christmas… It’s a Zoo Out There

Face it, Christmas is not the time you want to hang out at the mall!

It’s that time of the year. Christmas is just a few days away. Most of your shopping is done. Hopefully. But the odds are there are a few last minute gifts you have to buy. You grit your teeth, grind your molars, and head for the mall. It’s an absolute zoo. 

First of all, the parking lot is insane! Cars are parked everywhere. You feel like you are up to your tail in alligators.
You start looking for a parking place with a smile on your face…
And end up looking like this.
Just when you think you’ve found the perfect spot, some one backs in and grabs it! And you even had your left turn signal on.
So you blow your horn and say non-Christmas-like things.
And in case the person didn’t get that, you add a gesture of good will.
The whole experience makes you want to bury your head.
Finally in the back of the back parking lot, you find a space. Hoping beyond hope that you will remember where your car is, you head into the mall prepared to do battle!
You know the perfect gift for Susy. She has been asking for it all year. Why oh why did you wait this long? When you get there, it’s the last one and someone else is there before you!
I may look like a sweet kitty, he says.
But do you know how I got these stripes?
I got them from eating zebras. Lots of them.
Shopping doesn’t get much easier. There are the big guys with armor on that crowd in front of you…
The fast sleek ones that dash about at 60 miles per hour, grabbing up the bargains…
And the tall ones that can spot gifts way before you do.
But eventually you are finished. With arms so loaded you that you can barely see, you go in search of your car that you swear someone has moved. And then you just swear. Eventually you find it, however, and are faced with the eternal dilemma: Will everything fit in your trunk?
By the time you get home, you are exhausted. It’s time for a well-earned nap…
Where you dream about eating large drumsticks for Christmas dinner. Squawk!

This is called what you do when you have been at Busch Gardens, taken lots of animal photos, and wonder how you can turn them into a Christmas theme. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. My next post will be more Christmassy. I promise. Maybe.