A Quaint Town and a Massive Cathedral: Boppard and Speyer… Two Stops along the Rhine

Today Peggy and I are continuing to post about the trip we took up the Rhine River last summer to celebrate Peggy’s 72 birthday. All photos are taken by either Peggy or me unless otherwise noted.

Photo by Curt Mekemson.
The town of Boppard, Germany, located along the Rhine River is both picturesque and historical. The coach with its horn blowing, top hat driver is what caught our attention here.

Whenever our riverboat stopped at towns and cities along the Rhine, Peggy and I would go exploring if we had the time. Wandering on our own, traveling at our own pace, and making detours whenever something captures our attention is our favorite way to travel. We also feel that it is also the best way to experience an area. This is true whether we are hiking in the wilderness, exploring a small town, or visiting a large city. We found Boppard, Germany to be an ideal walking town. It was picturesque, historic, and easy to explore in the limited time we had.

Its roots date all the way back to Celtic times. It became a Roman fort during the time of Julius Caesar. Bouncing back and forth between the various powers that occupied the region since, it thrived during the Middle Ages and has maintained its medieval charm down to today where it is noted for both its wine and tourism.

Photo by Peggy Mekemson.
An excellent example of late Romanesque architecture, the church of St. Servus was built on the site of an early Christian church, which in turn was built on the site of Roman military baths.
Photo of St. Severus Church in Boppard, Germany by Curt Mekemson.
The spires of St. Severus Church help define Boppard’s skyline. I don’t know who the figure perched in the air and looking a bit like the Statue of Liberty is supposed to be.
Photo of Carmelite Church in Boppard Germany by Peggy Mekemson.
The Carmelite Church in Boppard is also an impressive structure.
Photo by Peggy Mekemson.
Most of the buildings in Boppard have their own personalities. This is the Villa Belgrano.
Photo by Curt Mekemson.
This is another example of a colorful, historical building that we saw on our walk. I read that it was built in 1509.
Photo by Peggy Mekemson.
Even though these buildings are more modern and looked somewhat similar, they were each painted a different pastel color.
Photo by Peggy Mekemson.
Numerous trees added to the beauty of the town.
We really liked the contrast here between the white and green.
Photo by Curt Mekemson.
This metal plaque of harvesting grapes reminded us that we were in one of the Rhine’s prime wine-growing regions.
Photo by Curt Mekemson.
A minimally dressed, pair of colorful sculptures seemed to be checking out the tourists. The mosaic added even more color.
I was attracted to this hairy-nosed boar with an attitude.
Photo by Curt Mekemson.
A lone motorcycle came buzzing down the street and caused us to look up from window shopping. I snapped a picture of an object in the window…
It seemed appropriate.

Farther up the Rhine we came to Speyer and its massive cathedral. The Speyer Cathedral was built in 1030 and added to in 1077. It is considered to be an outstanding example of Romanesque architecture. Eight kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were buried in its vault over a period of 300 years. They’re still there.

Photo of Speyer Cathedral by Curt Mekemson.
Peggy and I wandered around outside admiring the church and snapping photos.
Photo by Peggy Mekemson.
A side view of the cathedral. A worker provides perspective.
A front view of Speyer Cathedral take by Peggy Mekemson.
Looking at the front of the church. A winged lion, winged horse, winged eagle, and winged person, i.e. angel, surround the stained glass window and Jesus.
Photo of doors on Speyer Cathedral taken by Curt Mekemson.
A pair of massive doors awaited us at the entry.
Photo of owl at Speyer Cathedral.
An owl seemed to be guarding the entrance.
Photo of squirrels on Speyer Cathedral by Curt Mekemson.
Or maybe it was watching the pair of long-eared, amorous squirrels on the opposite wall. “Come on sweetie, give me your nut.” “Get your own, Bozo.” The owl was probably thinking dinner. After a thousand years, I imagine it was hungry.
Photo of Interior of Speyer Cathedral by Peggy Mekemson.
A view inside Speyer Cathedral.
Photo of rooster on roof of Speyer Cathedral by Curt Mekemson.
As we were leaving for our boat, I spotted a metallic, crowing rooster up on the roof. I wondered if it was a lighting rod. That would be something to crow home about. Cock-a-doodle-ZAP. I once knew a rooster that I would have liked to zap with lightning. He made a habit of crowing under my window at 5 a.m. when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa. Instead, I threw a bucket of water on his head. Cock-a-doodle-SQUAWK! After that he would crow under my window and run like hell.

Next Monday we will be visiting Grand Teton National Park and one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges.

Peggy and I just returned from our visit to Egypt and trip up the Nile River. Wow! What an incredible experience. We are excited to share it with you. I’m now putting together an introductory blog which I will post later this week. Several more posts will follow as I go to work on sorting though our experiences and some 3000 plus photos. Grin. My apologies for my absence the last three weeks. We had really thought there would be time for reading and commenting on posts. Ha.

37 thoughts on “A Quaint Town and a Massive Cathedral: Boppard and Speyer… Two Stops along the Rhine

    • Thanks, Steve! Peggy and I really enjoyed our time with you and Carol. I am going to do an introductory post on the trip later this week. The two of you will be included. How was your trip home? Did you miss the umpteen hour layover in Germany? –Curt and Peg

      • Waited as expected but overall trip home went well. I love to travel with the exception of the traveling part!! Stay in touch!’

  1. Another wonderful and inspiring post from you and Peg. I do so enjoy hearing about all your adventures. The Rhine cruise sounds and looks wonderful. So many beautiful buildings and amusing artwork. I have done this trip but by car , along the Rhine. Stopping in many of the places you have been and stayed over night in some.
    You are such an inspiring pair. How enriching. 🤗.


    • I’d like to drive it, as well, Miriam. It deserved more than a week! A car trip would allows us to explore the area in more depth. The River does provide an interesting and fun perspective, however. Many thanks. 🙂 –Curt

  2. Wandering about even on a cruise, enjoying the famous sites but also the side streets and talking to the locals makes any trip special and memorable, but especially one like yours.

  3. Enjoyed the Speyer photos – fills in gaps where I don’t have photos. I have quite a few photos of the Technik Museum and a car rally but only the side view of the Cathedral.

  4. I’m so glad your Egypt trip was too full to mess with your blog! Here’s to being in the moment. I can hardly wait to hear about the Nile from your perspective.

    These images of Boppard are remarkable. Hard to believe there are so many picturesque sights in a single city. Thank you for the outstanding photography. Looks as though you were blessed with great weather, too.

  5. I thought I knew most of the towns along the Rhine, but you have introduced me to two new ones. Thanks. Look forward to posts about Egypt. I did my masters degree at the University of Cairo.

    • Wow, Peggy. I had no idea you did your masters in Cairo. You must have quite a story to tell. My first post just went up. I wanted to do an introduction while the trip was fresh. I’ll get into the meat of the journey starting in mid-April. I am looking forward to your thoughts. –Curt

  6. A beautiful town, with an impressive history and architectural styles, but I had to laugh at the hairy nose of that boar, it looks like having a double pair of eyes🙂
    Glad you enjoyed your Nile River trip!

  7. Boppard looks like a great place to wander, Curt, and it’s wonderful that you get that chance. I love those old distinctive buildings and the ancient streets. The Speyer Cathedral is stunning. Thanks to Peggy for the great photos. 😀

  8. My first thought was that Boppard and Speyer sounds like the name of a Vegas lounge act, but your photos soon pushed that silly thought out of my mind. This is my favorite of your Rhine cruise posts. Everything seems both magnificant and approachable, and the churches are fabulous. Even the boar — with his traditional German hat — is quite fun. One thing’s for certain: you couldn’t have been bored on this trip!

    • “One thing’s for certain: you couldn’t have been bored on this trip!” You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Linda. Everyday brought something new, whether we were sitting back on the boat, sipping a beer, and watching the scenery flow by or out exploring. Each city and town offered something new. Thanks. –Curt

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