Heidelberg: The City

Today’s photo blog features Heidelberg, which we visited on our family trip up the Rhine River last summer. All photos are taken by either Peggy or me unless otherwise noted.

The Heidelberg Castle provides great views overlooking the city. Our son Tony included his wife Cammie in this photo. BTW, Cammie was recently named the CEO of the Safety Harbor, Florida Chamber of Commerce.
Another view from the walls of Heidelberg Castle. The prominent Church of the Holy Spirit (Heiliggeistkirche in German) was built at the end of the 14th Century. The bridge in the background, known creatively as Old Bridge, crosses the Neckar River.
Pictures of Heidelberg taken by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
I liked this closeup photo of the Neckar River and the Old Bridge because it featured Heidelberg’s red tiled roofs.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
We started our visit to Heidelberg by walking through the historic part of the City. We then made our way up to Heidelberg Castle. This photo features the Gateway to the Old Bridge. The brass monkey we showed on our last Heidelberg post was just off to the left.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
This good looking fellow was sitting on top of the railing of the Old Bridge for everyone to admire. We dutifully paid our respects.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Our guide pointed out that the mansions that were in the background of the doggy photo were where Heidelberg’s wealthy had lived and apparently still do, a fact that we had surmised on our own. Several were undergoing renovations.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
Bright red umbrellas provided an interesting contrast to Heidelberg’s historic Town Hall located on Market Square.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
The Coat of Arms on the Town Hall caught my attention. It featured the usual lions and other symbols of power and heraldry. I was more intrigued by the cow, however. Did it symbolize milk?
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
This interesting building located on Market Square is the historic Ritter Hotel, and I do mean historic. It was built in 1592 as a home and has survived ever since, including several wars. It even did a stint as Heidelberg’s town hall.
Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany take by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
As in so much of Europe, many buildings are adorned with flower boxes. I think that this was a corner of the Town Hall.
Pictures of Heidelberg by photographers Curt and Peggy Mekemson
No watch (or cell phone), don’t worry. Several clock towers are prepared to tell you the time in Heidelberg. This one is connected to the University of Heidelberg. As I mentioned earlier, the University, founded in 1386, is one of the most prestigious in Europe, and the world. 33 Nobel Prize winners are associated with it.
Picture of Tasha Cox taken by Curt Mekemson.
“Hey Tash,” I called and our daughter turned and flashed a smile as I took her photo. She is framed by her son, Ethan.
Pictures of Heidelberg taken by Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
The Hauptstrasse is Old Town Heidelberg’s main shopping street. Stretching for over a mile, it has been set aside for pedestrians and bicyclists. In addition to a wide variety of shops, the colorful buildings provide a very scenic walk.
Heidelberg Castle perches on the hill overlooking the city. We will be visiting there on our next Rhine River post— after we take you back to Yellowstone and Mammoth Hot Springs. But first, jumping ahead a bit and in recognition of tomorrow, we were walking thorough the town of Boppard, Germany along the Rhine when Peggy and I came upon this scene:
Photos of Boppard, Germany taken by Curt and Peggy Mekemson.
It was perfect, right down to the heart. Happy Valentines Day!

18 thoughts on “Heidelberg: The City

  1. What a wonderful family trip you had Curt, and congrats on your daughter-in-law new position!
    Amazing views, Europe boasts with historical buildings, and the ones from Heidelberg look very well maintained. I love especially the red tilled roofs, they are charming.
    Ready for the next adventure? Few more day to go🙂

    • We had a great trip, Christie. Perfect for a family. I can’t resist red roofs, as I responded to D above. 🙂 Thanks.
      The next trip: it would be hard to be more ready mentally! There is still more shopping and packing. Today we bought new suitcases and day packs to meet the airlines ever tightening rules on size. Their goal is to force us to pay more money. Mine is to avoid that, reduce weight, and do carry on since I don’t like the odds of the airlines loosing my luggage. 🙂

      • I totally agree, we also had only our carry on with us, on our last trips, it was a total mess in Toronto airport last summer, and not only.
        I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures🙂

  2. The city is so pretty! I love the red-tiled roofs and the architecture. And to think there are buildings still in use after 500+ years. I don’t think that beautiful day hurt your photos one bit, Curt. I’m looking forward to your castle tour. 🙂

  3. You brought back some good memories. We didn’t make it to the castle, but climbed the Philosophers Walk on the other side of the river – good view from there. You’ve ended up with more good pictures then I did, I think.

  4. Curt, what a wonderful family holiday for you all in the idyllic city of Heidelberg! I’ve travelled across a lot of Germany but realise I’ve never been here even though I lived a year in the same state in Tubingen. The countryside is stunning as well! The red rooftops remind me slightly of Florence from afar and the buildings are wonderful and so many bright colours! Aren’t the clock towers fantastic and yes, no need from mobiles etc! In a place like this history and grandeur surrounds one all the time!

    • It was an excellent family adventure, Annika. With all of our needs met on the riverboat, we were free to explore to our hearts content. Heidelberg is indeed a special place: beautiful historic, and fun. I wish we would have had a week there!

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