Happy Thanksgiving


Peggy and I want to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day!

The card is from a series of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Birthday cards I created and copyrighted a while back. I’ll introduce you to the self-stuffing turkey at Christmas. Grin.

32 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I think I remember seeing one of these cards in the past, or at least a Curt-character of some sort. Very clever, and a wonderful smile-producer for the day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Peggy; stuff your own self a bit!

    • I trot them out every once in a while, Linda. I know I’ve used them a couple of times for Christmas. One of my unrealized goals for this trip was to add to my collection. I’ve always have fun creating them. But time has been flying. Four months has not been nearly long enough to do the things I hoped to. I’ve already passed up a half of dozen sites I wanted to spend a week or so. This isn’t whining— we’ve certainly seen several beautiful areas— but I have to plan our next trip differently. Heck, I haven’t even kept up with blogging. Another goal was to work my way over to Houston for another visit. Time for that has run out as well. Sigh. Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving! –Curt

      • Here’s a clue: there’s never enough time. As the old saying goes, so many flowers [sites, trips, books, recipes, visits] so little time! As for Thanksgiving — celebrated with some friends last weekend, and never left the house today because of — rain! Inches and inches of rain! It’s supposed to rain tonight, tomorrow, Saturday… No one’s really complaining, since it’s putting a bit of a dent into our drought, but still: there goes the great four-day weekend!

      • So true, Linda. And even when things are carefully planned out, and I’ve always been a planner, there are any number of things that interfere: The best laid plans of mice and men…
        It isn’t raining here. But it is getting cold. It’s supposed to be in the mid 20s tonight. I’ll have to unhook the hose. Our little space heater will be working hard!
        Thanksgiving dinner for us last night was Denny’s, which was located right across from our campsite. It was surprisingly good.

  2. Happy belated Thanksgiving Curt and Peggy! Love the card and can’t wait for the self stuffing turkey. Sorry I’ve been away, so I’m just catching up on all your adventures since selling your house. Looks like you’re having a blast. Your family riverboat trip up the Rhine River sounds like the perfect summer trip. Looking forward to reading more. All the best, Terri

    • Hey Terri, it’s good to hear from you and James! And thanks. Peggy and I are indeed enjoying our adventures. And so far, we’ve been lucky on the health front. I jumped over to your blog and caught up on your and Jame’s ‘bump in the road.’ Your Gallivan experience sounds wonderful, but so sorry about your health challenges. Peggy and I both got Covid but fortunately, they were mild cases that only knocked us out for a couple of days. Here’s to your and Jame’s third trip around the world! –Curt

      • We are still in the middle of our four month trip around the US, Teri. Tomorrow we will be at Big Bend National Park where we will celebrate out 30th anniversary. 🙂 The last time we were there was Christmas in 1999 when we had taken a year off to explore North America. We’ve been wanting to get back there ever since. –Curt

      • Thanks! And indeed it is special. We celebrated Christmas there back in 99 and vowed to come back. It was equally special for our anniversary and this time we were able to explore it much more thoroughly! –Curt

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