The Calendar Continues… More Photos from Southwest National Parks

Monument Valley

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having fun reliving our trips to the Southwest and it’s gorgeous national parks. I’ll wrap this calendar photo journey up today and tomorrow. In 2021, that’s next week, I’ll return to our backroads adventure, this time traveling down highway 191 as it winds through Utah and Arizona. Or maybe I’ll cover our most recent trip to the Oregon Coast where we watched impressive waves roll in and crash against the shore.

Petrified Forest National Park
Monument Valley
Canyon de Chelly
Capitol Reef (Very Recent Blog!)
Grand Canyon


The final calendar photos tomorrow on New Year’s Eve.

Next Tuesday I return to the Sierra Trek with a tale you won’t want to miss. And no: The American Lung Association was not running a pot smoking orgy in the mountains!

20 thoughts on “The Calendar Continues… More Photos from Southwest National Parks

  1. That first one looks like a Cyclops’ eye! (and the second one a wrinkled Gian’t foot?)
    Great images. I like the way the Grand Canyon placement leads your eye back into the picture. Nice shadows too. Lucky to be there and catch all that grandeur (Have fun!)

  2. What a wonderful wall calendar that would make.
    I got a beautiful calendar with each month carrying special motives from events
    during the year made by a family member.
    I love that.

    Have a good and happy New Year


  3. We find something to enjoy everywhere, but the Southwest is our favorite destination. These photos and the previous ones have brought back wonderful memories and a determination to get out there again. Thanks Curt.

  4. Someday, someday… maybe. Or probably not. I’d love to make another trip like this, but it’s not in the cards. That makes your photos doubly pleasurable, and there’s no question this part of the country is near the top of the heap when it comes to drama.

    • It has always been a go-to place for me, Linda, ever since I drove through the Southwest on my way west after recruiting for the Peace Corps in the South. (1968)
      But I have always found beauty everywhere, as I know you do. When our wandering days are over, I’ll make do with our back yard! 🙂 Peace to you in 2021. –Curt

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