Calendar Photos… Holiday Schedule

Crater Lake NP in Oregon decked out for the Holiday Season.

Not knowing exactly where or when we will be this holiday season— it’s the Age of Covid— I decided to simplify my blogging life over the next two weeks by posting National Park and Monument photos Peggy and I used in two family calendars we designed for this year. (And likely used in blogs. Grin.) The pictures come from trips we took in 2019-20. Plus, I’ll slip in the slightly PG rated Christmas Card we sent out this week featuring the Corral, Chorale, Choir. I designed and drew the card several years ago but decided we needed a sense of humor more than anything else at this point in time, so I reproduced it. I will continue with my Blog-a-Book Tuesdays with stories I’m putting together for It’s 4 AM and a Bear Is Standing on Top of Me.

With out further ado: Calendar photos, starting with Crater Lake featured above. I’ll be posting six or seven photos with each blog.

Canyon de Chelly National Monument
Petrified Forest National Park
Petrified Forest National Park log.
Monument Valley
Grand Canyon National Park

That’s it for today. Next Tuesday it’s back to blogging my book. On Wednesday, it’s time for the Christmas Card featuring Cow Girls. Christmas Eve, I’ll be posting more National Park calendar photos.

31 thoughts on “Calendar Photos… Holiday Schedule

    • Millions of photos floating around out there. That’s for sure. There are reasons! 🙂 Crater Lake has the advantage of being a little over two hours away from where we live. As are the Redwoods. –Curt

  1. That will be one calendar with a difference. So many wonders and the photos are so beautiful we can all feel as we been there.
    Lucky recipients and may Peggy and you be able to continue enjoying nature wherever you go.


    • Thanks, Miriam! The calendars are always appreciated. They make great gifts. Hard to go wrong with the beautiful national parks for inspiration. 🙂
      We certainly plan on continuing to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer as long as we can! We are still going strong. –Curt

    • It’s fun, Peggy. We used to make one every year using the Apple ap. But then Apple did away with it. I discovered there are a number of other companies that provide the same option. And I’ve found one that provides similar quality. –Curt

  2. Amazing photos Curt, as always! I have nominated you to a Travel Challenge, not sure if you are interested, or having time, but I thought maybe Peggy can give you a hand🙂 If not, that’s all ok!
    Merry Christmas, and to many more wonderful posts in 2021!

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