Floppy the Doe Brings by Her Kids… Nature Tales

One of the twins. She had been standing under the bird feeder when a scrub jay flew in and startled her.

I had another post on Rome in the armchair series ready to go. All I had to do was hit the publish button. And then Floppy brought by her twins late yesterday. She has had them well hidden ever since the bear made an appearance. But he hasn’t been around for several days. Apparently it is safe now. Anyway, I promised you photos of Floppy’s babies. Here they are. Enjoy. Peggy and I kept handing the camera back and forth so these pictures are from both of us.

The twins follow along. Floppy was a fawn when we first moved here and has been hanging around ever since. She likes apples and is now the dominant doe in the area. Even young bucks pay her homage.
Floppy noticed us taking photos from inside while one of the twins scratched an itch. I think that was a ‘Where’s my apple’ look but we didn’t’ want to disturb the family.
Floppy made two complete circuits around our house. We took lots of photos!
This is probably about as much cute as you can handle on a Monday morning. Someday this kid will grow into its ears!

NEXT POST: It’s back to Rome, unless, of course…

26 thoughts on “Floppy the Doe Brings by Her Kids… Nature Tales

    • Moms can be pretty bossy, Gerard. Especially when the fawns are really small. The does insist that the babies stay in one place, don’t move, and don’t make any noise. It’s critical for their survival. When they do make noise, the moms make a bee line to their hiding place. To feed the little tikes, I assume, and to reinforce discipline. –Curt

      • Peggy and I laugh when we look at books on deer resistant plants. The authors always put in a statement that deer may eat the plants. Depends on how hungry they are usually. 🙂 But we’ve found that the ones living around here leave our daffodils, poppies, lavender and spices alone. It might be different five miles down the road. –Curt

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