On Sharing Your Writing Space with a Pregnant Deer…

I was walking up to my writing place on the edge of the national forest when I ran into Floppy. “You are looking a little pregnant, Girl” I told her. She gave me the look and laid back her ears. “There is no such thing as being a little pregnant, Curt” she said primly in deer language. And she should know. She’s been dropping babies on our property for the past several years.
Her two teenagers were hanging out in the grass 10-yards away. Floppy has been urging them to leave home lately. I saw one dashing down the hill yesterday with Floppy hot on its heels. This isn’t cruelty; it’s normal doe behavior. Floppy is about to have her fawn and the teenagers hanging around will give away its hiding spot to any number of predators.

I have several writing places around our property. In general, all that is required is a flat spot and a comfortable chair. And a view. Inclement weather normally calls for a more protected environment, preferably with heat. Thermometer-busting heat also sends me scurrying inside. This time with air-conditioning. I’m such a wimp. But the view is still required. As I mentioned on Friday, the variety has proven particularly valuable in the Age of Coronavirus. It helps counter the stir-crazy feeling of isolation.

It can’t decide whether to rain, or snow this morning. Blue skies are predicted for this afternoon and seventy-degree weather later in the week. It’s spring! I started writing this morning at 5:30 in the living room and then moved back to the bedroom at 7:00. Peggy, on occasion (2-3 times a week), likes to be served breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t? And she likes company. Nine a.m. is our limit for getting up and about, however, and I have now landed in the library.

My living room view, assuming of course that the sun has come up. The Red Buttes are looking a little wintry today.
My bedroom writing location. Peggy has already vacated the premises but she returned to take the photo. The gorgeous quilt is one she made.
The view from the bed.

Today I am going to take you on a tour of my favorite outside spots. I’ll start from the top and work down.

Quivera the Van’s home in the pole barn makes an excellent writing space. It is both protected and outside. It also sits on the edge of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. I took this photo from the national forest sign that marks the edge of our property.
Peggy took this photo of me working in my comfy chair.
A view down our road from my writing chair.
Another advantage of the pole barn is that Quivera provides an even more protected place to write. She also comes with a stove for making coffee or tea and a restroom. This, BTW, is my writing place when we travel in the van.
My next writing place is down the hill and sits on the edge of our canyon. The round object is my Weber smoker.
It’s a good place to write and watch baby-back ribs smoke. The three handprints were put on the shed by our grandsons Ethan and Cody plus our neighbor William when they helped paint the shed a few years ago. The coffee table is our old safe re-purposed. And no, it is not stuffed with cash!
While Peggy was taking my photo, one of the kids showed up to check out what we were doing. It even came with a teenager mohawk! (Actually it is shedding its winter coat.)
Here I am writing on our patio. The table is covered with a large patio umbrella that works as a sunshade. We find bats sleeping in the folds of the umbrella on occasion when we open it. Eventually, they fly off.
Our back porch also comes with a writing chair. The window is the library window that provides my view of the backyard. The extra chair is for visitors. My Weber grill is much smaller than the one that used to live in its space. A very large bear came up on our porch and tipped it over on a dark night. It made a big bang.
I have no problem filling the visitor’s chair.
While most of my views from the porch are the same as the library, I can check out the side hill with its white oaks (the deer like to lie up there and chew their cuds).
Or look up the hill behind Quivera where Peggy and I do much of our hiking. It’s a great escape and exercise as we hang out at home. It’s a lot higher than this photo implies— about a thousand feet!
I can also admire the beautiful madrone that stands next to the porch and provides welcome shade in the summer. Deer like to sleep at its base.
And finally, there is our sunroom, lit up here by the early morning sun.
Except on hot days, it is always a prime location to write.
The views are always great, but a storm adds drama.
If I need a break, I can talk to the giraffe…
Or if I am suffering from a particularly bad case of writer’s block, watch Peggy’s sunflowers grow.
I’ll conclude with a final photo of the sunroom. Romantic, eh? I caught the picture when I was rolling our garbage can down to the road! Oh yeah, one final thing. Thats not a squirrel up on the roof. It’s the top of a tree on the other side.

WEDNESDAY’S POST: It’s off to Athens as part of my armchair series.

33 thoughts on “On Sharing Your Writing Space with a Pregnant Deer…

  1. Wow, I’m surprised you ever want to leave home.
    Then I console myself with the thought that I would not want the maintenance involved with such a lovely spot – sure, I tell myself, a city condo is better. 😢

    • Absolutely, Ray. 🙂 Fortunately, I am a firm believer in natural surroundings, grin. Most of our property is allowed to get along on its own. I call it a ‘wildlife sanctuary’ and feel smug about the neglect.
      The deer just charged out of the canyon and are all ears. Something upset them. Probably the fox. –Curt

  2. Wow! Curt, what breathtaking views as you sit around your various writing places! Your home is in a stunning location and I found myself pausing to absorb the beauty around you! You look relaxed and ready to write and a lovey photo of Peggy towards the end! Wishing you, Peggy and your family all well during these times. Annika

    • The only possible complaint I could have about the writing spaces, Annika, is my tendency to look around instead of write. 🙂 Yesterday it was a fox that went trotting by and a deer that was stalking it! Yes, I am lucky to be surrounded by beauty and to have my lovely companion to share it with. Take care. And thanks. –Curt

    • Yeah, the giraffe stands head and shoulders above my other woodland buddies. 🙂 Except the deer when they stand on their hind legs to harvest acorns! And who could ever complain about the writing spaces— one for all occasions. Thanks, MB. –Curt

  3. It looks like you’re wearing a smile in all the candid shots! Happy to see you’re safe and enjoying the beauties of this world

  4. It looks like you’re wearing a smile in all the candid shots! Happy to see you’re safe and enjoying the beauties of this world

    • South and West are for the views, Kelly. North and East are for the wildlife. Well there is a bit of view beyond the three deer that are staring at me right now, as well. 🙂 –Curt

  5. Oh I enjoyed seeing your writing spaces. Peggy’s quilt certainly holds much creative juice in each stitch. Simply lovely. Thank you. All my best.

  6. I love Peggy’s Crocs. How very stylish. Her quilt is impressive as well! As for those views… don’t know how you manage to leave then (in earlier days when you could.)

  7. I can see how you could relax and write in such a place, apart from the danger of relaxing too much. Nice views all around, although I’m partial to the mountains.

    • I confess a weakness myself, Dave. Our living room, bedroom, patio, deck and sunroom all provide splendid views. Plus, it was the Red Buttes that tempted me to go backpacking again at 71, after my pack had been retired. 🙂

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