When Elephant Seals Tell Jokes: The Wednesday Photo Essay

Did you hear the one about an elephant seal, a Christmas seal, and a basset hound walking into a bar.
Ha, ha, ha, ha.

A while back Peggy and I were driving north from somewhere, maybe San Diego, when we drove past Hearst Castle and came to Piedras Blancas. It was full of sunbathers, somewhat weight challenged— and nude. Naturally we had to stop and break out our cameras.

The beach was a little crowded.
But everyone seemed happy. Some were even cuddling up.
Can it get any better.
Maybe. Few things are more pleasurable that scratching an itch.
Ah, that feels soooo good!
Of course it’s kind of hard to beat taking a dirt bath…
Especially if it is a full body bath!
Maybe a nice long nap in the sun. Yawn! Catching fish is such hard work.
You know how it is when someone else yawns. Are my tonsils pretty?
Speaking of pretty, here I am. How can anyone resist my dark brown eyes and gorgeous whiskers? Most girls would die to have whiskers like mine.
Check me out!
What do you mean this is a nude beach for elephant seals only! (Do we have trouble in Paradise?)
Like here we are all sleeping and someone starts stretching while challenging us to touch our toes and lecturing us on the value of exercise.
And then there is this lady who is disturbing us all by screaming, and screaming, and screaming…
Like what is her problem? Wait could it be? Is it possible? Is she having a baby? All is forgiven. (Well, possibly the elephant seal she is having a baby on might have a problem.)
We can relax again.
And go back to sleep.
But who can resist passing on a good joke. Have you heard the one about an elephant seal, a Christmas seal and a basset hound walking into a bar?
Bye, bye. Thanks for wandering through time and place with Curt and Peggy.

NEXT POSTS: On Friday, we will visit Ghost Ranch in New Mexico to wrap up the Georgia O’Keeffe series. On Monday we will start a new one as we look into the strange eyes of shamans and check out other petroglyphs.

28 thoughts on “When Elephant Seals Tell Jokes: The Wednesday Photo Essay

  1. Curt, these are adorable and your comments below the photos have me laughing out loud!😀 To pictures like these, you just have to add the commentary! Also, reckon there wasn’t much room on the beach for you and Peggy! 😀

    • I figured we could all use a few laughs, Annika. 🙂 And the seals did lend themselves to it. Such characters. And no, there wasn’t much room for us. And you certainly wouldn’t want to risk having one of them roll over on you! Thanks! –Curt

    • The whole scene was classic for interpretation, MB. 🙂 Whether the seals were on the same page I was or not. They just looked like characters. And there was no doubt that they were enjoying their beach time. –Curt

  2. What a great series of photos. I especially enjoyed the ones cuddling up — that’s cute beyond words, although the words of your captions did increase the cuteness factor a bit.

    • Laughing. I think most of us can relate to the seals in one way or the other. But a warm beach will be particularly attractive to those still bogged down in winter! Thanks, Christie. –Curt

  3. I give this one my seal of approval. (But I have to admit, my memory of walking around in a seal rookery, beyond the big bodies, noise, and seal jokes, is of fetid fish breath…)

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