Holy Leaping Lizards! Limping Laptops Lead to Lapses…

My limping laptop seemed like a minor problem in comparison to the Thomas Flyer being stuck in the snow during the 1908 NYC to Paris auto race. (National Archives photo)

I thought that normalcy had returned, that I could get back to putting up posts and reading blogs and commenting on posts and responding to comments. Ha! The keys on my laptop went bad. So I jumped to my backup computer. Bad decision. It crashed. Not just crashed, mind you, but crashed with two long posts I had just written about the 1908 22,000 mile automobile race from New York to Paris. It was a doozy. The race started in February— and no one had ever driven across the US in winter. Then the cars were transferred to Siberia by ship for the next leg! I became interested in the race when I found the actual vehicle that won, a 1907 Thomas Flyer, in the National Auto Museum in Reno when I was traveling down Highway 395.

The Tomas Flyer at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the clock was ticking. Peggy and I are taking off on a one month trip through Arizona and New Mexico and it looked like I would be computer-less. Horror of horrors! So I went out and bought a new MacBook Pro. It arrived yesterday. We leave tomorrow. I couldn’t have cut it much closer.

It’a a beauty. The screen features a sand dune that adjusts to ambient light. Makes me want to head back to Death Valley. It’s so fast, I’ve named it Jack, as in jack rabbit. I have another Jack name for it when it misbehaves…

I’ll rewrite my auto race stories but I just wanted to give you an update on why I am still playing hooky from the web. Here are a few recent photos…

I know, I post lots of photos of cute deer, but check out how this young fellow has his legs crossed. It was like he was posing for me.
Hemp, hemp, hooray! I think Jackson County is vying for hemp capitol of the world. Peggy and I counted 20 farms between Medford and our home. Last year, there was one.
Our book club made its annual visit to our house in September. We are now celebrating being together for 31 years— the same five couples! This is Peggy with the book club founder, Ken Lake.
It can be disconcerting when you look out your window and see this, as we did two days ago. A fire was raging less than a mile away. Fortunately the forest service had warned us that it was doing a controlled burn. Here’s to keeping it controlled.
Another photo of the controlled burn. My last shot for now.

37 thoughts on “Holy Leaping Lizards! Limping Laptops Lead to Lapses…

  1. I was just thinking today of how I hadn’t read a Curt post for a while- congrats on adding “Jack” to the family, and I’ll look forward to the auto race article when you return!

  2. Good luck to Jack surviving the Curt and Peggy wanderings! How could you head off without a computer?! Congratulations on what must be one of the longest book club and great all five couples are still part of it! Peggy looks in her element! Phew … that fire seems awfully close. Take care and great to see you back here. 😀😀

    • Thanks, Anika. Jack will be on the road tomorrow, and he is excited. We are heading into the Southwest where a lot of his long-eared cousins ramble. 🙂 The fire got even closer yesterday. We are glad to be leaving town!

    • I know, really bad. 🙂 They keep controlling it closer to our house. But in the long run, it makes us safer. Our timing on the trip is pretty good, however. We will escape some of the smoke and when we return they will be done, at least around here. Thanks, AC. –Curt

    • (Actually this is MacBook number 4 for me, Alison. And I have grown quite attached.) The only drawback on the hemp is the smell. It is one heck of an odiferous plant. 🙂 I’ve been teaching myself to like it, however. If you can’t beat them, join them, as the old saying goes. –Curt

  3. You’re well on your way by now — or at least on your way. Even though I’ve been around enough controlled burns to know how carefully they’re planned and tended, they’re stressful as well as helpful — and that smoke is no fun. I’d be happy to be out of the neighborhood, too.

    Enjoy your travels!

    • They had to bring in their helicopters and put out a controlled burn behind our house because it got out of control! That didn’t make us any less nervous, Linda. And yes we are on our way. We spent the night in Tonopah, Nevada, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. 🙂 –Curt

  4. Happy and safe travels to you and Peggy! When both of my MacBooks got stolen las spring, I thought life might have ended … 🙂 I did lose some stuff, but not as much as I feared. I’m a sucker for the deer pics – keep ’em coming!

  5. Happy trails! I was having keyboard trouble on my laptop for a while, but I eventually figured out it was because the battery had swollen a bit – things were structurally out of true. After replacing the battery the problem went away.

    Sounds like you found a more powerful solution.

  6. You said you’re still playing hooky from the web, then showed us a photo of hemp. Is there more you should be telling us, Curt? I can’t imagine seeing a fire burning so close to my home. I know you’ve dealt with it before and will likely deal with it again, but it still must be frightening every time. SO glad you have a computer with you for your trip. TRUST ME I know how important it is to blog while travelling, or at least have a way to collect photos and organize and maybe even jot notes down while traveling.

    • More to tell? 🙂 My lips are sealed. The fire was worrisome, even controlled. It hadn’t rained enough from our perspective. I’m loving my new computer. So much faster! Only 3,000 photos so far on they trip. (grin) –Curt

      • Well, there are a few more now. (Grin) We have been hanging out in the Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams section of New Mexico taking photographs of what they painted and photographed. What a kick! Also, yesterday we spent out day scrambling over the volcanic cliffs of Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque communing with the ancients. 🙂

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