The PCT Is Wearing a Different Coat… Mt. Ashland

Snow covered trees along the PCT near Mt. Ashland.
I started my trek down the PCT at Mt. Ashland this past summer. A few days ago, I revisited the area. It looks a bit different.

Our son Tony, his wife Cammie and our grandkids are visiting from Florida and wanted to go skiing, so we took them up to Mt. Ashland, which is where I started my journey south on the Pacific Crest Trail this past summer. It was a gorgeous day with lots of fresh snow so I thought I would share some of the photos.

Tony, Cammie and the boys prepared to hit the slopes.
Oops. (The kids actually did a great job of skiing regardless of the occasional face plant.)
Wind driven snow had coated the trees the night before.
Creating some interesting snow sculptures. Is that Cupid snuggling up to Big Foot in the center?
Guess not.
Deep blue skies and crystal white snow made for some dramatic photos. It was quite clear which way the wind had been blowing.
Peggy and I had started our first segment of the PCT about a quarter mile down this road.
Looking up toward Mt. Ashland with its weather dome for spotting incoming storms from the Pacific. It has had a busy winter.
It was cold cold outside. These icicles were growing on the eves of the ski lodge.
A view from inside the lodge where it was much warmer! I thought that the icicles looked a bit sinister.
As we packed up to leave, I took a final photo of the family. Wait, what’s that poking out behind?
Mt. Shasta, of course. If you followed my journey down the PCT you will have seen numerous photos of this beauty as I backpacked around it heading south. It’s a good place to end this post.

NEXT POST: A wrap up on Burning Man’s mutant vehicles.

24 thoughts on “The PCT Is Wearing a Different Coat… Mt. Ashland

    • We’ve been quite lucky with our family, G. Both sets of grandkids are bright, fun and good looking. It will be interesting to see where they go. And the background… perfect with fond memories of my summer excursion. –Curt

      • Sweet of you to ask. I am GLAD time doesn’t zoom by THAT fast! You’ll be 130 yrs old in no time! Tennyson is well, soon 12. All he sees are girls. He will be MORTIFIED if he knew I put this up on a public board, lol.
        *revenge for all the preteen madness*

      • Wow, D. Maybe it just seems like I have been hanging around this blog forever! Maybe it’s just all of the things I cram into a year. Tennyson is only 12, and already into girls! Get ready for some interesting year ahead. 🙂 –Curt

  1. Divine winter landscape and a blessed day for you and your family! The scenery is breathtaking, probably literally with the cold! What a place to ski and no wonder everyone wanted to head out! Wow! My. Shasta makes for a most dramatic backdrop to the family photo!

    • Mt. Shasta provides beauty for almost any photo, Annika. 🙂 That’s why it showed up so many times in my posts this past year as I spent a few hundred miles hiking around it.
      We were blessed. It was probably the most perfect day at Mt. Ashland this winter. I could tell by the excitement of the staff. It made for a great family outing. –Curt

    • I’d have to be on snowshoes or cross country skis to do it now, Lexi, which would be a bit more challenging, to say the least. 🙂 I did organize a seven day cross country ski trek through the Desolation Wilderness, once however. It was a kick! “Seussical,” I love it! Cupid just sort of popped out. Thanks. –Curt

    • It was a fun day, Gunta, as well as beautiful. While I don’t downhill ski or snowboard (I’ve done lots of cross country skiing), I had fun watching the grandkids with their kamikaze approach! And the youngest was absolutely fearless. –Curt

      • Only place I’ve ever done any cross-country skiing was up in the El Dorado NF. You have me wondering why we seem to pick up fear as we age.

      • Laughing. I had my annual old age medicare check up yesterday and the nurse wanted to know if I fell frequently or had a fear of falling. I allowed I had a couple of concerns last year the I was huffing along at four miles per hour at the end of a 15 mile day of backpacking and stumbled over limbs that were hidden in the shadows. –Curt

  2. Wow! Those photos of the snow are wonderfully curious. Love the crazy sculptures created. Your family looks like they are having a brilliant time, and I have to assume you did too.

    Can’t help but instantly recognise the WSR-88D radar dome, since I used to use it for my job with the National Weather Service, and was even inside the one in Humboldt County, to do maintenance work.

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