Happy 2019… Said with Flowers— from the PCT

There are lots of wild roses growing along the PCT, but it is rare that you find one so perfect.

Today, I just want to wish each and everyone of you who follow this blog a very happy and healthy New Year. And I want to thank you for joining Peggy and me on our journey as we wander through time and place. We are privileged to have you along.

What better way is there than to say it than with flowers. It works for Valentine’s Day, it works for Mother’s Day, and it works for numerous other special occasions, so why not New Years! I’m sure the floral industry would love this, but I am not talking about the flowers you buy from a florist. I am talking about the beautiful, wild, and free flowers you find growing along the trail, or the roadside, or on a vacant city lot, or in a park— the list goes on. Here, I am talking specifically about the flowers I found along the Pacific Crest Trail on my 700 mile backpack trek this last summer. You’ve already seen some of these. I have bunches. I suspect you will see more on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

A cheerful tiger lily!
Dramatic scarlet gilia.
Pretty face is an appropriate name for this flower.
Prickly poppies, I think.
Not sure what this flower is, but the butterfly obviously liked it.
There were several types of irises, a flower noted for variety. I believe this is a Siskiyou iris.
A wild morning glory.
Stunning yellow lupine.
And concluding with a Washington lily.

AGAIN— WISHING YOU THE BEST. We look forward to seeing you in 2019. Curtis and Peggy

30 thoughts on “Happy 2019… Said with Flowers— from the PCT

  1. WordPress had taken away my “notifications” panel along with the ability to add likes. I don’t LIKE that! But I did LOVE this lovely collection of flowers. I thank you and look forward to seeing more. Love and peace to you and Peggy and all your loved ones for the coming year! Looks like you and I were on pretty much the same wave length for this year end post! 😀 ❤

  2. Happy New Year to you, Curt. You could not have stated it better with all those flowers.
    Our hydrangeas are enormous but we need rain. Our garden is rather small so we can use a hose but nothing beats rain.

  3. There’s always a discovery in your flower posts. Here, it’s your yellow lupine, which looks amazingly like our false wild indigo. In fact, they’re both in the pea family, so that sense of a family resemblance was right on.

    Happy New Year to both you and Peggy. It ought to be an interesting year; let’s hope it’s a good one!

  4. SSS = simply splendid and stunning post, Sir… btw, we also have a French expression:”dîtes-le avec des fleurs!” = say it with flowers! 🙂
    * * *
    1000 MERCI – THANX for your constant visits @ my playground, your kind and encouraging comments that did touch my heart… ❤ wish you and your loved ones an exceptional new year: health – our most precious wealth, joy, serenity, love and oceans of inspiration… 🙂 respectful regards & friendly thoughts, Mélanie Bedos-Toulouse

  5. Ahh…thank you so much for this beautiful New Year greeting, Curt … flowers are perfect for any occasion and these are a joy to see, brightening up grey winter days! A perfect start to the New Year! Wishing you and Peggy a wonderful 2019 filled with joy and adventures!

    • Lots of flowers along the way… I suspect that you could find the Washington Lily in your neck of the woods. And you are welcome! The very best to you this year, Crystal, as you chart your new course. –Curt

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