Who Ate the Gingerbread House? … Good Doggy, Bad Doggy

I went searching for three wise men at Carowinds Amusement Park on the border of North and South Carolina. I didn’t find them. Maybe they were lost in the pre-Christmas crowd. But I did find one of their camels.

It’s Christmas Eve here in Charlotte, North Carolina. The tree is up and loaded with goodies. The gingerbread houses have been built and the Christmas cookies are ready to eat. (Minus those that Grandpa has already eaten. I have a serious responsibility to test the cookies as they come out of the oven. Sometimes I have to eat two, or three, just to be sure they meet my high standards.) Our son-in-law Clay will soon be up and preparing tonight’s roast. He’s one heck of a cook. All’s well with the world, or at least all is well with our little corner. And that’s enough for today.

Like Santa, we are in the middle of our holiday rounds. Last week, we were in Florida visiting with our son and his family. This week we are with our daughter and her family in Charlotte. It’s her turn to have us for Christmas. Next year is Tony’s turn, as we have already been reminded several times. (grin) Santa, of course, has the advantage of being able to be in both places. That’s because he has that magical sleigh and eight reindeer plus the red-nosed fellow. We have to travel by airplane, where we are lucky to arrive at all.

Santa dashing away on top of one of the rides at Carowinds.
One of his eight reindeer!

Both sets of kids (and grandkids) decided it would be fun to check out the holiday decorations at major amusement parks this year: Busch Gardens in Florida and Carowinds in North Carolina. They were impressive:

Clay used his Google Android phone to capture this photo at Carowinds. (Clay works for Google as a manager at their data center in South Carolina.)
Both parks featured decorated trees. This is at Busch Gardens.
Another Busch Gardens tree.
This tree with the moon hanging out above was at Carowinds.
Clay caught this ‘bulb-tree.’
And I took a close-up.
As usual, I couldn’t resist a reflection shot. This is Carowinds.
A very big Christmas tree ornament at Carowinds.
As expected, both parks had impressive Christmas trees: Busch Gardens…
Carowinds. This tree, BTW, sits on the border between North and South Carolina.

Making gingerbread houses is a tradition at both houses, which isn’t surprising considering Peggy’s love of all things Christmas. The grandkids join in the effort with total dedication, except for eating half of the house decorations. They are not alone in their passion for jelly beans and M&Ms and candy canes, gumdrops etc. The doggies also have a sweet tooth. But which one ate the gingerbread house?

Was it Natasha and Clay’s dogs: Miss Innocence (Chima) here?
Or, “How could you even think I might eat the Gingerbread House? ” Lexi.”
Or Tony and Cammie’s Miss Definitely Not Me (Lyla).

Chima and Lexi were actually innocent— this time. Not that they wouldn’t eat a gingerbread house if someone left it on the floor by mistake and no-one was home. But they lack Lyla’s long legs. (Clay swears his dogs would not eat the gingerbread house.) Cammie and boys had just finished their house and were briefly out of the room. Cammie returned to find Lyla on her hind legs scarfing down their house. In Lyla’s defense, she had only thoroughly licked one side— but I am pretty sure that the house’s demise was just a matter of time. Anyway, here are the Cox family gingerbread houses:

Cody’s Robot House… Check out the teeth!
Ethan’s Reindeer House…
And Peggy’s. She would never be left out when it comes to building gingerbread houses.
While I didn’t catch Lyla’s well licked gingerbread house, Peggy and I found that our bedroom had been invaded by animals. This was special. Imagine kids loaning out their animals, even for a night! It was the true Christmas spirit.

Speaking of animals, Carowinds had put together a petting zoo for Christmas. It’s where I found the camel. There was also a very, very strange looking goat that looked like it was having a really bad hair day, that it was an ancient goat from another time…

I decided that it was… are you ready for this… The Goat of Christmas Past.



22 thoughts on “Who Ate the Gingerbread House? … Good Doggy, Bad Doggy

  1. Love that big jingle-bell. And of course it had to be Lyla who got “first lick” at the gingerbread house. I remembered you talking about how tall she was — clearly, she knows how to put those long legs to good use.

    Merry Christmas to you and Peggy, Curt, and best wishes for the new year.

  2. Merry Christmas Curt to you and your family. Thanks for all the adventures and photos you have shared this past year.
    We send a family newsletter that shares off-beat encounters we have had during the year. This year’s letter included the story of an Saudi Arabian camel beauty contest – 12 contestants were disqualified because their owners used botox. Your camel photo makes me think now I have to find a way to tell the many disbelieving letter recipients we “weren’t making it up.”

    • Laughing, Ray. I never get tired of the expressive faces of camels! Can’t imaging using botox to make them look more expressive. Must have been in the lips.
      Happy New Year to you and your family and thanks to you as well for taking us along on your adventures this past year. –Curt

  3. So glad you could spend Christmas in the South seeing a couple of our favorite theme parks. We haven’t gone to any this season even though Dollywood is right at our back door, so to speak. There’s something about millions of tiny white lights to make a place seem magical, but I’m pretty sure the magic was visiting with family over the holidays no matter where you went. Here’s to you and Peggy: Happy New Year!!! Rusha Sams

    • Always special Rusha. Lots of fun with kids, grandkids and grand doggies. Both theme parks were fun and quite different. But my favorite was Busch Gardens with its wildlife. Happy New Year to you as well! –Curt and Peggy

  4. All of the dogs looks extraordinarily innocent. Too bad Lyla got caught red-pawed.

    The trees were all amazing! Omigosh! I would have been standing there for hours with my head tipped back and my mouth gaping open.

  5. This post seems to be one that tried to get away from me, looks like I’m catching up just in time before the new year comes barreling in. Laughing at that innocent look on Lexi’s face. As for Lyla… she might need a talking to from our poodle who has been known to be sitting on a chair with his nose inches from a plate with a bit of chicken left on it. We were in the next room and had to investigate what the whining was about. Seems old Dude was asking for permission. Something I’ll never forget.

    Wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on all the great shots of the Christmas decorations! Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful new year! 🎉 🕊

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