The Furniture Mart + The World of Tiles and the World of Crystal… Puerto Vallarta Art

Ceramic art and crafts are found throughout Mexico. I found this colorful iguana at the Furniture Mart.

In my last post from Puerto Vallarta, I featured the Furniture Mart that is located across the road from where we are staying at the Krystal Hotel. As I noted, the Mart is full of thousands of items. These included a wide variety ceramics ranging from the inexpensive mass produced items you find in most tourist shops throughout Mexico to finer pieces that border on art. 

Almost any tourist shop in Mexico features mass produced figures such as these Day of the Dead skeletons. (I am going to do a separate post on Day of the Dead characters, which tend to be more amusing than scary.)
Stereotypical Mexicans wearing sombreros while taking a siesta are another common tourist shop item. (I’ve yet to see a Mexican peasant wearing a sombrero and taking a nap in all my years of visiting Mexico.)
Do you need a butter dish?
My kind of inexpensive pottery.
Finer items, such as this cow, receive much more attention in their production.
Peggy’s sister, Jane, was impressed by the dishes found in the Mart.
Many of the dishes were painted with colorful tropical scenes.
While I found myself amused by this pig.
And its snout.
Jane and I would agree on the value of a beautiful vase.
And having a colorful water pitcher.

Today I am also going to include ceramic and glass pieces from the World of Tiles and the World of Crystal located in Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romantica. I found the World of Tiles particularly interesting because we were able to watch the artisans at work making tiles in the store’s ‘factory.’

Stopping by the World of Tiles (Mundo de Azulejos) is a must-do for people visiting Puerto Vallarta’s Zona Romantica. As you might expect, there are lots of tiles!
Including humorous ones. This represents the worm occasionslly added to a bottle of tequila. I can remember a few times drinking tequila in my youth when I resembled this worm (grin).
The tiles are sold individually or incorporated into scenes. This is Puerto Vallarta’s famous church, and Peggy.
Another view of the church looking out on Banderas Bay.
A rooster. But with eggs? Maybe the hen hired him to babysit.
And a cornucopia.
The front of the store…
And the tiled stairs leading up to the tile factory.
Where we watched an artist paint a boat scene.
In addition to the tiles, a number of other ceramic items were sold at the World of Tiles including wash basins.
Of which there were many different types. Check out the sun and the moon.
“We are Siamese if we please…” Remember “Lady and the Tramp”? These cats may have come from the same mould, but they each have different personalities. I like the zoned out kitty in the left rear.
There were also dishes.
Including white sheep and cow dish sets.
A large bowl featured a happy bee. But I noted it still had a stinger. I ended up on the wrong side of one of those twice this summer on my backpacking trip.

The World of Crystal featuring glass art is just down the street from the World of Tiles. I’ll include a few items from it to finish off this post.

This glass was reflecting the sun when we walked into the shop.
I discovered a green frog with buggy eyes.
A cute cow…
Doggy tiles…
A cat tile for those of you who lean toward kitties…
And a pair of attractive masks to wrap-up this post.

Next post: I’ll wrap up the Furniture Mart with some real furniture and weird things.

32 thoughts on “The Furniture Mart + The World of Tiles and the World of Crystal… Puerto Vallarta Art

  1. A post of glorious colours and designs, Curt! Reading and savouring the photos I realised there was something for everyone and I could do all my Christmas shopping here! The dish and the dreamy kitty I’d save for myself! Isn’t it interesting to see craft people at work, their creativity and concentration is palpable!

    • It’s always tempting to come home loaded down after visiting, PV, Annika. (grin) But Peggy and I are pretty good at resisting. And yes, I love to watch the focus of artists at work. –Curt

    • Laughing, AC. The worm just might do it. I found my early experiences with tequila to be a bit on the hallucinogenic side. 🙂 There is no doubt that painting tiles, etc, employs a lot of people in Mexico! –Curt

  2. Whoa! I’m not sure I could live with too many of those tiles around. Talk about bright colors! Something to keep you awake at night? And a question: are those prices on the sheep and cow dish sets? At least those dishes were a bit more sedate. If I had to choose one of the Siamese cats, I’d go for the zoned out one, too. O_o

  3. Wow. Just wow. I admire their work! They must be so patient. Which I’m not :D. At least I know where not to go, as I’m so fond of a stylish crockery ♥

  4. The wash basins are so wonderful! I would love to find a way to insert something that colorful and exciting into my home, which is consistently tame and country-themed. I could just do one room, a bathroom, that was bright and crazy, and decorate from this amazing store. 🙂

    • And a bathroom— or kitchen— works perfectly. Peggy and I have often thought that if we lived in the Southwest (New Mexico was our second choice for retirement) we would buy an adobe house and fill it with tile and southwestern art. The wash basins would definitely have a place. –Curt

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