Fall Colors at Lithia Park in Southern Oregon… and the BSBC

In Southern Oregon, it is hard to beat Ashland’s Lithia Park for fall colors. 

It’s that time when I like to do a post on the fall colors around our home in Southern Oregon. This year, Peggy and I, along with members of the Bigger Sacramento Book Club, drove over to Lithia Park in Ashland for a picnic.

The Bigger Sacramento Book Club at Lithia Park.

The BSBC was created in the late 80s by my friend Ken Lake and was soon composed of five couples. The same couples belong today but ‘Bigger Sacramento’ now includes Southern Oregon, the Bay Area, and France as well as Sacramento! This year marks our 30th Anniversary. Each fall, the BSBC visits our house for a three day retreat. 

We chose to visit Ashland because our book, Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander, is based in the town. Lithia Park, it turns out, was awash in fall colors. After lunch, we walked into town to visit the Mix Bakery in honor of the book and wandered up to the Bloomsbury Bookstore, which is always a delight and makes a pleasant outing for a book club. 

The Duck Pond backs up to the outdoor theater for Ashland’s world famous Shakespeare Festival. The roof can be seen through brightly colored trees.
Reflected fall colors surrounded this duck crossing the pond like an Impressionist painting. Monet would have been jealous.
I think the majority of trees in the park must have been chosen for their fall colors as the following photos illustrate.
A bridge across Lithia Creek.
Looking down into the creek.
The Mix Bakery was used by Ellie Alexander as the model for her Ashland Bakery in her series. I found the reflections in the window fun. 
Mouth watering goodies are found inside…
Along with fresh bread.
The town, as well as Lithia Park, was filled with fall color
Walking up to the Bloomsbury Bookstore took us past the iconic Ashland Hotel, which hosts an annual chocolate festival guaranteed to get Peggy excited.
Walking past a store window, I spotted this cat, apparently fascinated with an insect that had landed on the window…
Which provided the opportunity for this close-up.
I’ll close today with a photo from our front yard. Our white oaks don’t have quite the color of the trees in Lithia park, but they are definitely looking like fall.

NEXT POST: It’s back to my hike down the PCT and a stroll through Lassen National Park.

40 thoughts on “Fall Colors at Lithia Park in Southern Oregon… and the BSBC

    • Considering we started in our 40s and are still getting together in our 70s with the same people is special, Gerard. The club actually meets monthly in Sacramento. We try to get down for the meetings when we can. –Curt

  1. First, the duck and the splendid reflection drew my admiration. Then the goodies in the bakery window spoke to my stomach. But, my heart melted at the sight of that dear cat.

    • The kitty, duck, and bakery were all fun, Yvonne. Fortunately, I had just had lunch before going to the bakery. Otherwise, I would have stuffed myself with those ‘goodies.’ 🙂 –Curt

    • It’s a good thing that bakery isn’t next to my house, Alison. I have a feeling that all of my hard work over the summer at getting skinny would soon be a thing of the past. 🙂 –Curt

  2. The photo of the bridge across the creek is my favorite. I can’t quite get over my impulse to straighten that lamp (?) at the end, but that’s just me. The colors are marvelous, and the history of the group was great fun to read about. We’re going to get some fall color this weekend — a blue sky!

    • Laughing, Linda. The lamp and the tree were in a slight disagreement over the definition of ‘straight.’ Or maybe it was just the photographer. 🙂
      A blue sky and fall colors: Woohoo! I expect to see some photos. The colors around here just keep getting better. I may have to do a second post on fall. –Curt

  3. What a great tribute to nature, to life, to the love of books! I love all the images, the beautiful colours, the bread, the cat, the duck and especially the BSBC. Well done! 🙂

  4. Ashland is a very special place. My late husband used to talk about his early days helping to build the Shakespeare Festival and odd bits at Lithia Park. I think one of his first jobs at restoration was the old Jacksonville (United States) Hotel building. The odd thing is that we never visited any of those sites while he was still alive. He eventually moved to Placerville around 1979 -where we met! Funny how we’ve been in some of the same places and never meeting. Small world, isn’ it?

    • Yes it is a small world, Gunta. My grandparents on my father’s side lived in Ashland, Gunta, and I was born there. Our family moved shortly after I was born to the Bay Area, and not long after that to Diamond Springs.
      Is that the Jacksonville Inn?
      I suspect we will meet. 🙂 –Curt

  5. I’m not absolutely certain what building it was that he used to talk about restoring, not being familiar with the places and names so much. If memory serves, I think he called it the Jacksonville Hotel, but I bet his kids are far more familiar with it than I am. We had moved to Myrtle Point after his spinal injury and didn’t go to the Rogue Valley much in those days… he was a great story teller (you remind me a bit of him) and often talked about Jacksonville and the Applegate from way back times. I suspect you would have enjoyed sharing some yarns with him! 😀

    • I suspect so, too, Gunta. While I was raised in Diamond Springs, families on both my mother and fathers side came from the Ashland/ Medford area, starting a s early as 1900 if not earlier. I have grand parents, great grand parents and great great grandparents buried around here. –Curt

  6. Aren’t those trees just startling with their colors. It is so interesting to hear of the book club and the trip to Ashland. A clear example of why Oregon is just so cool! Thank you. All my best.

    • It’s pretty amazing that we have all been together for 30 years with the same couples, JoHannah. Members sometimes joke they could never get divorced because they don’t know who would get the Book Club. 🙂 Thanks. –Curt

  7. I explored Lithia Park for the first time just last month! That made your photos even more enjoyable, since I could recognize what part of the park you were in to take some of the photos. What astonishing colours! Your photography here is excellent. I am envious of your view from your place too. Fall, Spring, or whenever, that view must draw your eye all year ’round.

      • Yes, Washington state is quite gorgeous in the fall too. Even along Highway 49 as soon as you pass Mariposa and go all the way through Sonora and the lovely towns there is a feel of fall that other parts of CA lack. New England is quite special. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Peggy and your extended family!

      • I grew up living beside Highway 49, Evelyne. I still enjoy driving up and down it in the spring and in the fall. And, as you move up into the Sierras, you have the beautiful aspen! –Curt

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