Oh Dear, Deer… They’re Still here

One of the does that hangs out on our property brought her baby by for a visit yesterday. The small Canon Powershot camera I am taking on my backpack trek makes a small ding noise when it focuses. The deer were trying to figure out what the noise was.


The deer know we are taking off on our thousand mile backpack trip. They have been checking in on us regularly here on our property on Oregon’s Applegate River. We’ll be sitting in our living room and a head will pop up in our window. It can be disconcerting until you get used to it. I think they are eager to reclaim their territory. “Haven’t you left yet?” Last time Peggy and I were gone for an extended period of time, we came back and found them living around our house, using it for shade. They had even settled in on our back porch. This year they will be in for a bit of a surprise, my brother Marshall will be house sitting for us. They like Marshall, however. He’s almost as wild as they are. He sits outside and talks to them, buys them apples, and keeps the bird bath full as a deer ‘watering hole.’

We are used to deer peering in our back window, but not our living room window. So, we were a little surprised when this gal started coming by to see whether we were home.

Yesterday, one of the does brought her week old baby by for a visit. I thought you might like some of the photos I took. Enjoy.

Hi there. I am your new neighbor.

Are you talking to me?

I’m all ears.

We both are, in fact.

Low bridge.

I think I’ll go prancing.

You won’t believe what i discovered, Mom. It has two legs.

It’s just the human, dear deer.

How about a bit of motherly love?


TUESDAY’S POST: Wrap up on preparation for the thousand mile trek.

FRIDAY’S POST: Wrap up of my MisAdventure series for now. It’s not smart to cuss out the chief of police of a town whose historical name is Hangtown.

20 thoughts on “Oh Dear, Deer… They’re Still here

  1. We had deer in our yard too – even with a 4 ft chain link fence. Nice though they were, I thought it uncharitable of them to eat my garden and flowers when there were acres and acres of other green stuff just beyond my fence. So I raised the fence to 6 feet. Now they don’t jump the fence, and the black chain is almost invisible so I can see them just fine!

    • Not a bad idea, Margy. The deer don’t like the plants that are available to them, and we have an 8-foot fence around the plants they do like. Thanks for commenting. –Curt

  2. Do you know which lines evoked Liberia? These: “We’ll be sitting in our living room and a head will pop up in our window. It can be disconcerting until you get used to it.” I still remember my first visits to bush villages, and how disconcerting it was to discover a dozen kids suddenly popping into view through the window of my hut, curious to see what Nenekweli might be up to!

  3. Aww, I loved these. I never get tired of baby deer spots. I keep the birdbath filled for the deer as well. The birds use it too, once the deer have cleared out. I’ve had to stop filling the bird feeder because the deer have discovered that it includes bits of corn. Now I just sprinkle bird feed on the ground, very thin, so the deer don’t try to lick it up. They are lovely, and such pests.

    • Laughing, a bit. Peggy and I normally see more deer in our yard during a day that I do out on the trail in a month. Lovely pests is a good summary. And few things are cuter than a two week old fawn charging around our yard and running circles around his mom. Fortunately, the deer leave our bias feeders alone! –Curt

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