Out and About on Kodiak Island… The Last of the Alaska Series

Tony and Cammie took us out fishing on streams like this. The fishing was fun, but it was the beauty of the country that caught me. The family had been camping on this stream.


We had gone to Kodiak to visit our son Tony, his wife Cammie, and our three grandsons: Connor, Chris and Cooper. Tony was flying helicopters on rescue missions for the Coast Guard, often in stormy weather over dangerous seas.  Cammie, in addition to overseeing our rambunctious grandsons, had started a jewelry business using sea glass that she collected off of the beaches. Some of the glass was particularly colorful, having ended up in the ocean as a result of a popular bar being destroyed by the 1964 Tsunami.

Cammie and Tony.

The boys and I check out a tide pool. I am pretty sure that’s what grandfathers are supposed to do with their grandkids!

The kids took us around the Island, at least the part that was easily accessible by road. We played tourist, went fishing for salmon, helped Cammie gather sea glass, and ventured out into the bay on a halibut fishing expedition. I’ve already posted on our bear watching trip and a series of closeups. Today’s photos reflect our outings with the kids and bring to an end our visit to Kodiak Island and the Alaska series.

We did a fair amount of salmon fishing. Here’s Peggy working a stream.

Our catch… Of course Peggy caught more than I did. That’s par for the course. Sigh.

She also caught this halibut! Few fish taste as good. The kids have a halibut chowder recipe to die for.

When Tony went to Alaska, he didn’t fish, nor did he have any desire to. But he fell in love with fishing. Salmon and halibut were often on the menu.

Cammie took to salmon fishing as well. Here she receives a high-five for catching one. She’d even grab her pole and head out when Tony was on assignment. Remember, this is Kodiak bear country…

We fished this stream. A Kodiak bear was fishing the same stream a couple of hundred yards away! I found him when I was out wandering around, without my camera, unfortunately.

This attractive cliff was just up from where we were fishing.

Looking out toward the bay.

Another example.

The whole family went searching for sea glass. It’s like going on a treasure hunt!

Cammie turns the sea glass into beautiful jewelry. If you would like to see more of her work, her Facebook site is Coastal Road Designs.

A final photo of the beautiful Kodiak Island.


36 thoughts on “Out and About on Kodiak Island… The Last of the Alaska Series

  1. Wonderful and life enhancing post. Yes Kurt, this is what grandfathers are for, without a doubt.😊. Don’t know who enjoys it most, the kids or…….:).
    The fishing now, that is not half bad, you seem to be pros the lot of you. Wish I could have tagged along on this beautiful island trip. Love eating fish too.

    • It had been quite a while since I had fished, Miriam, but the salmon were hungry! We definitely did our share in helping eat the salmon and halibut.
      True, grandkids can be a lot of fun. Their enthusiasm is catching. –Curt

  2. What I remember most about Alaska was standing on a gravel beach near Seward when a kid came wobbling down the hill on his bike with a big fishing pole wagging behind him. He dumped the bike on the beach, grabbed the pole and cast out into bay. Nothing. He cast again. Nothing. On his third cast, he reeled in a salmon big enough to easily feed a road crew for a week. He whacked it on the head to stop its flopping then dumped it into a wire basket on his bike, remounting the fishing pole and wobbled back up the hill.

    Every kid got chores I guess.

    • Dinner! 🙂
      Seward is a fun little town, gateway to some incredible glaciers. I used to end 100 mile backpack treks there that I led across the Kenai Peninsula from Hope. –Curt

  3. Thank you for giving such a wonderful representation of my beautiful home… Kodiak, Alaska! You have a beautiful family and I hope all is well for you and yours! 🙂

    • Alaska is a big place, Gerard, and there is plenty of snow and ice. Most of it melts during the summer months, however. The bears aren’t above raiding a garbage dump, but most of their territory is out in the wilderness where there are very few people. They are forced to do bear things. 🙂 –Curt

  4. Drooling over that halibut chowder! I noticed you didn’t include the recipe, but then I’m not likely to run across much fresh-caught halibut! 😀

  5. Now you’ve gone and done it. I’m going to take time tonight to dig in my photos. I’m certain I have a photo from Alaska that shows the same beautiful flower that’s in your last photo. I’ll report back later.

    • Fireweed is one of Alaska’s dominant flowers, Linda. It has earned its ‘weed’ designation and grows almost anywhere the soil has been disturbed. I even find it on occasion up in the Sierras. –Curt

  6. Tide pools with Grandkids….now that is a perfect day! Not to be confused with the fishing ! Peggy appears to be having the times of her life! Cami’s jewelry is gorgeous. This has been a wonderful series Curt. Thank you for sharing it.

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