Happy Halloween 2017… The Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular: You Are the Judge

The Great Pumpkin arises out of his pumpkin patch and is greeted by his adoring followers at the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular in Providence , Rhode Island. Could it be that Charlie Brown was right?


Today marks the end of my seven-day tribute to Halloween where I have featured the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular in Providence, Rhode Island. Peggy and I have returned home to Oregon where we square off against each other in our annual pumpkin carving contest.

The day has arrived. The Great Pumpkin has risen out of his pumpkin patch and is flying across the sky, delivering candy and other goodies to girls and boys around the world. At least Charlie Brown believes he has, even if he can’t persuade his sidekicks and Snoopy that he exists. There are no lack of children out here in the real world who are willing to pay homage to the Great Pumpkin, however, especially if it involves dressing up in costumes and filling bags with candy. I remember my own childhood when my brother and I would pillage far and wide to load our gunny sacks. Then we would come home to admire our booty and stuff ourselves. On the scary side of things, we would hide out in the Graveyard next to our home and jump out to scare other children when they came knocking at doors in our neighborhood. (Little kids can really run fast.) It was all in good fun, one of the greatest days in the year— at least from our perspective.

While it was all about kids back then, adults have adopted the holiday as well today. Millions don costumes as they head off to work and to party.

Pumpkin carving has been an integral part of my Halloween since I first met up with Peggy. For many years we even had a pumpkin carving contest with other members of my family. That finally ended after a quarter of a century, but Peggy and I still look forward to out annual carving activities. And, we are pleased to note, our children and grandchildren have followed suit! Our two pumpkins from this year are displayed below. Using pumpkins from the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular for inspiration, Peggy and I are having our own contest! And you are the judges. Please note the one you like. I’ll report on the winner  and who carved the pumpkin in my next post. Whoever wins get the dinner out of his or her choice. In other words, there is no loser.

Let the contest begin. Pumpkins have been chosen, tools gathered, and the proper Halloween setting chosen.

The Masked Carver has issued her challenge.

It is important to get in touch with your inner pumpkin before carving.


It takes guts to carve a pumpkin.

The ever so spooky Fire Face: Pumpkin Number 1

And the very scary Bad Kitty: Pumpkin Number 2


Thanks for choosing! And Happy Halloween from Peggy and Curt.



31 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2017… The Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular: You Are the Judge

    • Cross Quarter Day sent me scooting, Phil. Celtic for between the equinoxes and ripe for a Wicca celebration, all very Halloween-like. I’m giving a vote to each on this one! Thanks for participating. –Curt

  1. I always feel sorry for the pumpkin, no purpose in life but to give once a year carving amusement.
    When I was a boy this time of the year was mostly about Guy Fawkes night and knocking on doors collecting ‘a penny for the Guy’. On November 5th the scoundrel was thrown on a thousand bonfires and burnt to a cinder.
    These days the curse of Halloween as all but completely replaced traditional bonfire night as this time of the year amusement.

    My favourite pumpkin carving has to be no. 2 – but only by a whisker!

    • Ah, but Andrew, maybe pumpkins think of it at a bit more recognition for a few days longer than being eaten. 🙂 Plus our pumpkins go over the hill where they provide a feast for the local wildlife.
      I remember reading that the derivative of bonfire was bone fire, recognizing its original purpose of burning up grandpa when the time came.
      Sorry that Guy Fawkes has been replaced. I remember an Italian neighbor when I was growing up who always gave us pennies instead of candy for Halloween.
      “By a whisker…” We are both laughing. Thanks for voting. –Curt

  2. I really enjoyed all your Halloween posts Curt! Such a wonderful art show and spooky stories (I would love to read about your other ghostly stories you mentioned, if you can send me the links of your older posts) But the most important one comes on the 7th day🙂. I would vote with Bad Kitty, and only because this looks like a reminiscence of Demon 

    • Thanks so much, Christie. Glad you enjoyed the series. Peggy and I were so impressed with the Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular that I thought it would make a great run up to Halloween. As for day 7, thanks for voting (and your observation). I’ll post the results in a couple of days. Also, because of your request, I provide links to my two other ghost stories on that post. –Curt

  3. Despite the fact that I live with a creature I currently refer to as the Devil Cat, I’m going to have to go with Number 1 — with this caveat. I don’t see the carving as fire, but as autumn leaves. Oak, I think. I’ve got some leaf cookies cutters that come pretty darned close to replicating the carving.

  4. An excellent series all around. Those art pumpkins were particularly impressive – I couldn’t come close to doing with a pencil and paper what those folks do with a carving knife and pumpkin. As for my choice, both are excellent, it’s a tough call, but as I’m a cat guy I have to go with scary kitty. (I always used to have black cats)

    • Thanks, Dave. It certainly captured the world of pumpkin carving and the setting was perfect for that “Halloween feeling.” My sense is that Demon lives on. She had a very unique kink in her tail that she was born with and that several of her kittens had. When I was up in the area a couple of years ago, a black cat came up an started rubbing around my legs. Out of curiosity a reached down and felt her tail. There was the kink! –Curt

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