The Genius of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926)

Our short stay in Barcelona limited the amount of time we had to view to enjoy Antoni Gaudi’s work to Sagrada Familia. Two of my WordPress friends, Alice and Don, referred me to an earlier blog they did which is more extensive. I always like what Alice and Don present so I am reblogging their post on Gaudi today. Enjoy. Curt

Adventures in Wonderland

It feels as if I’ve known about the work of Antoni Gaudi all my life. Certainly I learned about, and saw pictures of his buildings, in high school art classes when I was a teenager, and have wanted to see the real thing ever since. There is nothing ordinary about his work. It is all inventive, and incredibly creative, and magical; every part of a building was a place for art. There’s nothing like it anywhere else.

As I’ve said earlier, Don and I are not ones for a ton of research or facts, but we learned a few things. He was difficult and ornery. He lived the last years of his life at La Sagrada Familia. His construction method was based on catenary arches – the inverse of holding both ends of a piece of string into a curved position. He converted to Catholicism later in life.

We visited…

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4 thoughts on “The Genius of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926)

  1. Hey Curt, thank you so much for the reblog. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece on Gaudi. Maybe one day you’ll get back to the wonderful Barcelona and get to explore his other buildings.

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