Meet The (not so) Subtle Rock Eater… Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

Walking down Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is always interesting. The Subtle Rock Eater is one of the reasons. I think he might just as well be named The ‘not so’ Subtle Rock Eater or possibly Mr. Eggplant Man.

It’s time to return to Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon. In my last post about the seaside walk, I introduced you to some very strange creatures. There are more of the same today plus some graceful dancers, playful porpoises, a ferocious bandido, a unicorn of sorts, and PV’s iconic seahorse.

Looks like an eggplant to me.
Chomping on rocks under cloudy skies.
And Senor Rock Eater looking just a bit scary.

Love was in the air with this couple as they looked out to sea, or at least down the Malecon.

This piece is titled Nostalgia.
Another perspective. This one provides a view of the Malecon.
And a front view with the Bay of Banderas forming a backdrop.
Graceful Vallarta dancers under swirling clouds.
And the twirling dancers up close.
The Friendship Fountain reflects the relationship between Puerto Vallarta and its sister city, Santa Barbara, California.
Another perspective.
And in black and white.
Pancho Villa
This ‘whale’ included in the Origins and Destination sculpture had a toothy grin. Given its location, I wonder if it is saying “Make Mexico Grate Again.” 🙂
Our toothy friend had an interesting look as he swam forward to grate-ness.
Its companion had a strange look as well. Is our destination to become some kind of combination of animal and machine? If so, I wouldn’t mind flying.
What if you saw your children climbing a ladder and disappearing into the darkness?
Would this be your reaction?
The Millenia sculpture is located at the top of the Malecon.
Reaching toward the future. Evolving.
Closer look.
Touching a unicorn is supposed to bring you good luck. But I suspect that you already knew that.
No trip down the Malecon would be complete without a visit to Puerto Vallarta’s iconic Boy on a Seahorse.
Today he is centered in a colorful Puerto Vallarta sign for the many thousands of annual photos taken by tourists.
A final view from the Malecon for this post. My next PV post will feature postcard pretty sunsets from the city as we say goodbye to Puerto Vallarta.

NEXT POST: Continuing down the PCT.