Ice Carving with the Best In the World: Fairbanks, Ak. 2016

The tools of the trade. Each competitor at the BP 2016 World Ice Carving Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska carried a wide variety of tools ranging from chisels to chainsaws.

On Wednesday, I took you for a ride on the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks. We were on our way to attend the 2016 World Ice Carving Championships.

We were lucky to arrive in Fairbanks to see the carvers at work and then see their finished works of art. They were impressive, to say the least.

The Thailand Team puts the finishing touches on their sculpture for the night’s competition.
And here is the finished sculpture.
The round ball seemed almost magical to me, like I should be able to look into it and see the future. Note the thin, wire-like tool the artist on the left is using to add texture.
This acrobat was lifting her leg high.
As I recall, she won the competition.
This piece was interesting…
It turned out to be a self-playing base fiddle!
I thought the young girl running with a dandelion head was fun. Did you blow on these as a kid to watch the seeds go flying off?
She loves me, she loves me not. Note the question mark held by ice tongs in the center of the heart.
Hold that tiger! Lots of teeth and claws.
Speaking of teeth, the tiger wasn’t alone.
Woof, woof.
This was one of my favorites because of the detail.
An unfortunate jellyfish has become dinner.
Here’s a figure you don’t want to run into at night. Or during the day.
Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Maybe.
So, is it a cat? And what is with the chain?
This woman is riding a bucking ostrich. Yeehaw!
My heart goes where the wild goose goes. Indeed.
In addition to the sculptures included in the ice carving contest, the park featured a number of other figures such as the helicopter I showed you on Wednesday and this giant whale.
I also found this sea serpent rather impressive.
I’ll close today with my new log cabin. It’s a bit cold inside. But don’t you think my all black outfit contrasts nicely with the ice? That’s me, a true paragon of fashion. (grin)

NEXT POST: On Monday I will have Georgia on my mind again as I return to O’Keeffe’s home in New Mexico and finish up the series I started before Peggy and I took off across the country on Amtrak.