Are Your Ducks in a Row? Are You Ready for Prime Time? Or Are You Rudderless?

Are your ducks in a row? Peggy and I just returned from a trip to the small town of Waldport on the Oregon Coast. While there, we kayaked up Beaver Creek in Brian Booth State Park. It’s a beautiful area known for its wildlife. Mainly, we saw lots of ducks. Peggy, who was sitting in the front of our two person kayak, was the prime photographer. She captured these ducks behaving in a fashion that even Miss Manners would approve.
Or maybe an even more important question: Are you ready for prime time? We came on this duck who wasn’t quite sure as she checked out her tail feathers.
She quickly preened (oiled her feathers)as we approached.
And then said, “Okay, I’m beautiful. Take my photo.”
A nearby mallard duck said, “Ha”… (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
“I’m the prettiest duck on the river!” (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
This duck absolutely refused to allow us to take a close up. I understood. Say you were standing in the creek with your head under the water and your butt up in the air. Would you want your photo taken?
Most of the ducks we approached were trying to hide their heads under their wings. We assumed that it had something to do with the state of the world. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
Another example. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
Normally we paddle our 12 foot inflatable Innova kayak with a rudder attached. This time, we were up the creek without a rudder. We were rudderless. While Beaver Creek looks perfectly calm, there was a current accompanied by an occasional gust of wind. Big Green enjoyed the freedom while we paddled like mad to keep her going where we wanted. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)
There were those perfect moments, however, where we could simply relax and enjoy the gorgeous scenery, which was in abundance.
Including impressive wood sculptures, such as this. Peggy insisted that we kayak around it.
She thought climbing off the kayak and on to the sculpture would be a great photo op. Something to send the grandkids. Then, she thought better of it. There was a significant chance that she would fall in the water, which I would have considered an amusing photo. Peggy? Not so much.
Peggy, who is quite tactile, decided feeling the wood was enough.
Circling the driftwood provided several different views, including this garden growing on one side.
I decided it would be interesting to depict the driftwood in black and white. It looks a bit ominous.
Not as ominous as this old dead tree hanging out over the water, however. I thought it might reach out and grab us and we wisely gave it a wide berth.
The riparian habitat next to the river made a fun contrast to the the surrounding forest.
Peggy even found some early fall-colored leaves.
As we paddled back toward our starting point, mist from the ocean added a magical element to our journey. Peggy and I will be back.

This is one my occasional blogs I am posting as I have taken a break from blogging over the summer. Next up, I will do a post on the impressive Alsea Bridge across Alsea Bay in Waldport. Let me just say here, Oregon takes its bridges seriously. After that I’ll touch on what Peggy and I have decided over the summer. It will include our being on the road much more exploring North America. Change is in the wind.

19 thoughts on “Are Your Ducks in a Row? Are You Ready for Prime Time? Or Are You Rudderless?

    • Without them, Gerard, we would have been out in the ocean, with is even more serious than being ‘up the creek.’
      I found it fun this morning to read about the Australian duck that was trained to say “You bloody fool,” which is appropriate for being either up the creek or out in the ocean without a paddle. 🙂 –Curt

  1. Great images Curt.
    I have a tourist’s eye. You see so much more with a naturalist’s eye.
    We were in Waldport back on the 9th but only saw the US 101 portion, and coincidentally, because of the little museum in Waldport, wrote a post on Oregon Bridges yesterday yet to be scheduled.

    • Thanks, Ray. Appreciated.
      Fun to hear you are posting on Oregon Bridges. The museum, unfortunately, was closed when we were there. I’ve done several posts on Oregon bridges. They are beautiful. And, of course, the scenery isn’t bad either. My post next post will be on the Waldport Bridge. –Curt

  2. Curt, Peggy is the consummate professional photographer, unflappable as paddling and taking photos at the same time! The ducks are cute and yes, the driftwood looks dramatically ominous in black and white! An image to stoke the imagination! Glad you both remained safe and dry onboard the kayak! 😀😀

    • 🙂 Peggy enjoyed her role, Annika. She loves photography and I was working hard at paddling and steering the craft while she snapped away. I felt a bit guilty making that beautiful piece of driftwood look ominous, but I couldn’t help myself. Grin. Thanks for commenting. –Curt

  3. I love mallards, and these are some fine photos of them — very expressive, and certainly typical of their behaviors and personalities. I enjoyed that foggy view, too. One of these days it will cool down here and we’ll have a chance for some fog ourselves!

    • Fog and cooler weather are one of the prime reasons we head for the coast, Linda. That and smoke free air. 🙂 Well, beauty is a factor too.
      Looking out our window, I can’t see farther than the nearest hill. But we are lucky (for now at least), that the smoke is coming out of California. I feel for my friends down there. The Caldor Fire was named after the lumber company that my dad worked for when I was a kid.
      On a happier note, The woman who sews the backing on Peggy’s quilts has now finished her part of the job on the African quilt. We will be picking it up tomorrow. We will be using it a quilted bedspread in our guest bedroom. I’ll Email you a photo and include it on a future blog. –Curt

    • Thanks, Cindy. It was good to see ducks behaving as they are supposed to! The majority, however, had their heads buried down in their wings. Grin. And Peggy really got off on the drift wood. Just not physically.:) I’ve been missing my blog and all my blog friends. Maybe in a month or so, we’ll be able to wrap up some of the projects and I’ll get back to posting and reading blogs! Thanks for commenting. ❤️ –Curt

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