Why I Love Deserts: Nevada’s Highway 95 Is an Example

While many people think of the desert as a wasteland to travel through at 70 MPH plus, there is great beauty.

Peggy and I have made numerous trips up and down Nevada’s Highway 95. Most of our journeys to the Southwest start with that route. We never tire of the beauty along the way. Our frequent trips up and down the highway mean that I have done several posts on it over the years. The photos I am posting today were taken near the Town of Tonopah. There’s a good chance that you will have seen some of them. But they are worth looking at again. At least I think so…

I always think these lonely power poles add to the photo.
Black and white works as well. I think it adds drama.
A distant shot may classify as a close-up in the desert.
Another example.
I’ll conclude with what a distant shot looks like in the desert.

Peggy and I have now wrapped up our visit to Brookings on the Oregon Coast. Next Friday I’ll begin posting photos of what we saw. Naturally there will be sea stacks that the coast is famous for. We also captured a spectacular sunset. No surprise there. The tide pools provided a different perspective, however. We hung out with starfish, and anemones, and seaweed, and hermit crabs, and limpets. Oh my!


Monday’s Blog-a-Book from “It’s 4 AM and a Bear Is Standing on Top of Me” : I kick off the second section of my book— Growing Up in a Graveyard— with the story of how I was kicked out of the first grade for a poorly done forgery and began my wandering ways.

Wednesday’s Blog-a-Book from “The Bush Devil Ate Sam” : I am put in the hospital for my Republican political views, as a fourth grader, and make a left turn from the right lane in community college preparing myself for the 60s, Berkeley, and the Peace Corps.

14 thoughts on “Why I Love Deserts: Nevada’s Highway 95 Is an Example

  1. Curt, we too – and Alie in particular – love the desert [but I prefer dessert].
    I just watched a PBS program on Big Bend and it made me want to go back, but were I to watch one on Tonopah, it would have the same effect. Have you visited the mining museum in Tonopah?

    • The answer is yes to the mining museum, a couple of times. Very interesting, Ray. As for Big Bend, Peggy and I once hung out there for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I think it is one of the best presents we ever gave ourselves. –Curt

  2. I always look at the poles and wish they would go underground so they don’t ruin my pics lol. they ceratinly didn’t ruin yours. Love the black and white pic and all of your shadowing.. Can’t wait to get back to the desert.. maybe soon. I’m behind in your last post I think.. and send that link again. you disappeared. ❤️💖

  3. Breathtaking and surreal views along the highway, Curt! I would never tire of views like these and the last one shows how the mountains just seem to pop up out of the ground! The black and white one is wonderfully ominous and foreboding … a big warning to stay away! Hope you’re having a good start to the week! 😀

    • Thanks, Annika! Breath taking, surreal and wonderfully ominous is a great description of what I see and feel when traveling through the desert. I’m glad my photos capture a bit of it. 🙂 –Curt

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