Making Waves… No One Does It Better than the Pacific Ocean

Wave watching along the Oregon coast can be quite exciting when the big winter storms roll in from across the Pacific Ocean.

Oregonians are known for flocking to the coast when winter storms rile up the Pacific Ocean and send huge waves crashing ashore. Local media can be depended on to report the when and where. Peggy and I escaped to one of the best locations on the coast a few weeks ago, Cape Arago near Coos Bay. Both of us were kept busy with our cameras.

Hundreds of seals were hanging out on the beach here and up in the rocks. I am always amazed by how they can climb.
It’s best to appreciate the waves from a safe distance. Every year people are washed out to sea by getting too close! Your chances of survival are slender when one of these monsters grabs you. BTW: More seals on the rocks.
And then there are those who live for the next big wave! This one was a little guy.
It doesn’t hurt to have gorgeous scenery to back up the wave action! This photo is from Sunset Beach State Park where Peggy and I were camping.The next five are south of the state park along Cape Arago.
I’ll finish our visit here with a shot of the churning ocean after a wave hits, which I find almost as amazing as the wave itself.


On Tuesday’s Blog-a-Book: The next chapter in the Sierra Trek. Sixteen miles without water and a Trekker is lost… or goes awol. And a humongous rattlesnake presents a unique challenge.

On Thursday’s Travel Blog: We visit the very strange but beautiful Sunset Bay.

35 thoughts on “Making Waves… No One Does It Better than the Pacific Ocean

    • Yeah, ocean waves crashing against the Pacific shore are much more pleasant to contemplate, Andrew, than the waves of Trump-Inspired rioter crashing against the Halls of Congress. One is natural… –Curt

    • There are several places along the California coast I love, Ray, like Pt. Reyes National Sea Shore and Big Sur… Peggy and I have found the Oregon Coast to be beautiful We are just glad that it is a morning’s drive away! –Curt

  1. Such a spectacular show, great captures! I love the oceans and I miss the fact I wasn’t able to see one in awhile. We found a foggy coast when we reached Pacific Ocean by the Cannon Beach few years ago, nevertheless, it was spectacular too😊

  2. If we didn’t have so many rivers draining mud into the Gulf, and if we had some rocks, and if the offshore slope weren’t so smooth and gradual — our coast would look just like yours! Fabulous photos of your completely different coast. What a treat.

    • My pleasure. 🙂 You could probably escape the crowds on the back trails of Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Grin. But who knows. It was one of my favorite winter escapes when I lived in Sacramento!

      • I would have loved to have gotten footage of that. I miss going down to the ocean when the swells are big. I used to take pictures all the time and footage. When I grew up in that area

      • I video taped the waves rolling in Colorado, but WP didn’t cooperate when I tried to download them. 🙂 Did you live in Oregon or elsewhere in the Northwest?
        Jumped over to your blog and played around. Fun. In terms of ghost stories, did you make it to Fort Mifflin? Lots of ghosts wandering around there, possibly including my ancestors. 🙂 –Curt

      • We lived in Vancouver Washington. And we were out on the coast all the time. I’ve never been to that fort though. And I’m kind of surprised I’ve never heard of it. Cuz I’m kind of into forts. I’m going to have to look that one up

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