When Alpacas Eat Alfalfa: It Isn’t Pretty… Welcome to 2021

Look at this handsome fellow. Check out the fine grooming and immaculate mustache. Or maybe it was a stiff upper lip.

What better way to kick off a new year than with a bit of humor. Especially given 2020. Our daughter Tasha, her husband Clay, and their two boys, Ethan and Cody, live near a farm store that occasionally features alpacas. They are handsome animals with a unique look. When Tasha suggested we pay a visit, I quickly agreed. So off we went: Tasha, Peggy, Cody and me.

Cody, Peggy and Tasha at the Butterfly Hill Farm Store.

We walked over to the alpaca pen and this is what we found.

They were dumpster diving for alfalfa. As every one knows, the best alfalfa is at the bottom of the bin. Right? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
So much for the handsome, dignified look. You get the picture.

Actually, I took lots of pictures…

The cast of characters.
Another fine photo of the guy above. Looking ferocious here— “Stay away from my alfalfa,” he seems to be saying.
“See my teeth.”
The ‘dumpster diving’ guaranteed that the alpacas were covered in alfalfa.
A nose close-up. Looking smug in spite of his ‘decorations.’
I thought this girl was rather pretty, and being lady-like in her consumption of alfalfa…
Until she stuffed her mouth with it.
Mmmm, mmmm, good.
And the prize for diving the deepest goes to…

While the alpacas loved their alfalfa, they quickly abandoned it for alpaca treats that Cody got from a nearby dispenser with a quarter.

The alpacas joyfully (and gently) ate their treats out of Cody’s hand.
When Cody ran out, he teasingly held up his empty hand…
And got this look. “Watch out Cody,” I warned. Too late. “Yuck, he spit on me!” Cody yelled. It’s not nice to fool an alpaca… 🙂

I was lucky, in comparison. All I got were weird looks.

I’ll conclude with this shot of the weirdest look of all. I stuck my tongue out in response. May your year be filled with fun as well as the serious stuff!


On Tuesday I present the next chapter in my book about backpacking. I am awakened by Charlie at 6 AM on our first day out who says, “We’ve got a problem, Curt.” It’s a refrain I was to hear over and over during the Sierra Trek.

On Thursday, I return to my travel blog and feature some monster waves Peggy and I found at Cape Arago on the Oregon Coast.

22 thoughts on “When Alpacas Eat Alfalfa: It Isn’t Pretty… Welcome to 2021

  1. A great way to start the new year, they have cute but funny faces🙂 I got some hilarious shots of them while in our trip in Peru. I was under impression that llamas are worse in regards with spitting, but I guess no-one guarantees anything about alpacas either, isn’t it? Better watch out! LOL

  2. Some of their colors are beautiful. My impression is that these are more handsome than llamas — is that so? I did some searching, and discovered that some of the ranches where I’ve seen similar creatures are, in fact, alpaca ranches. A couple of them are smack in the middle of the territory I recently was roaming. I’ll have to mix in a visit in the future.

    • There’s a reason why garments made from alpaca fur are so expensive. 🙂 Llamas in our area are often included in races that raise sheep and cattle. They kick the heck out of any coyotes or dogs that decide to invade in search of dinner. By all means, check out the alpacas, Linda! –Curt

  3. Thanks for the laughs… didn’t know how much I needed that! I bet Cody doesn’t try to tease an alpaca again! They are lovely critters though! 🤣

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