Happy Holidays

It’s the season. Peggy and I wish you the very best this holiday. Given how crazy this year has been, we decided a little humor is in order. So I reached back into the past. Several years ago, I developed a series of cards for special occasions. Meet the Corral Chorale Choir:

Christmas Eve Post: National Parks of the Southwest

37 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. “UDDERLY beautiful !

    Thank you as always Curt for your beautiful writings. For me, they are a wonderful vicarious journey!

    Wishing peace, great health and love for you and Peg,



    • And Merry Christmas to you, Linda. It was so much fun for Peggy and I to meet you this year (even in the time of the pandemic). The year won’t be easy, but I am optimistic that it will be better. The very best to you. –Curt and Peg

    • The girls are fun. I just let my imagination run wild when I develop cards. Never know what might come up. The very best to you and Dave, Sue— both for this season and for the coming New Year. May 2021 find the pandemic behind us as we wander the world again. –Curt

  2. Loved receiving these ladies in the mail. A little silliness was certainly in order at the close of 2020. You two will be receiving your letter from me LATE, but it’s coming. Hugs and kisses (virtually, of course, because that’s safe) for you both, and for your kids and their families. Be healthy and happy and let’s get ready for 2021. ~Crystal

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