Adios, Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has always produced pretty sunsets when we have visited. Sometimes they have been spectacular.

“Postcard pictures” is how my dad used to describe sunset photos somewhat dismissively. He was a serious landscape photographer and considered them less than desirable as a subject. Yet, when he passed away and I was going through his photos several years ago, what should I find? Sunset photos. Lots of them. I just smiled. Who can resist a beautiful sunset?

Peggy and I wrapped up our timeshare and said goodbye to PV this fall. I know we will miss the city with its friendly people, culture, great food, beautiful art, interesting wildlife, scenic settings and camera grabbing sunsets. I know we will be back some day, but for now, like the cowboys and cowgirls of yore, we are going to ride off into the sunset!

Every day, this fellow would ride by on our hotel’s beach.
We rarely missed an evening of sitting out on the beach with a glass of wine or beer in hand to watch the sunset over Banderas Bay. And were rarely disappointed.
Some days, when there was limited cloud cover, the sun just seem to fall into the ocean. There was almost always a sailboat in the Bay somewhere. When our son, Tony, had gotten out of the Marines, he had actually sailed a boat with his future wife, Cammie and our nephew, Jay, from San Diego to PV.
When clouds were around, the sunset would linger however, often turning the clouds into almost unbelievable colors.
Pelicans, graceful frigate birds and leaping dolphins often added to the evening’s show.
As the sun sank into the West, it would often leave a gentle reminder on the waves and beach.
Our palapa always provided a convenient viewing location. And a sunshade.
While I always enjoyed and took full advantages of sunsets, I am more of a mountain man. Peggy enjoys the mountains, but she loves the ocean and beaches.
Thank you Puerto Vallarta for your many years of joy. We will return someday. It’s a promise.

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37 thoughts on “Adios, Puerto Vallarta

  1. I was watching those sunsets with you, from our patio a few hours south in La Manzanilla. Those sunsets were one of the reasons we loved it there so much. I gather you sold your timeshare, or passed it along to others. I’m with Peggy. I love the mountains *and* the beaches.

    • Thanks, Ray. And you are probably right. The fact that I had taken up photography, which I didn’t until after he had passed on, would have been a cause of celebration in itself for him. –Curt

  2. Beautiful images of the sun setting over the ocean. I think there is something very primal about pausing and being in the moment of the sun setting.
    When I lived on Maui a lot of people in Kihei would just stop whatever they were doing and watch the sun set. There was this one beach that had a wall between it and the street. People would just go out and sit on the wall and watch the sun set. And every evening some person, I never got to see who, would blow a conch right at the moment the sun disappeared beyond the water. It was magical and I remember it vividly.

  3. They are all gorgeous!! I am a sunset lover also, I can’t get tired watching the same sun setting every night, yet with a new show and story.
    Peggy’s smile is a great match for all your sunsetsđŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for these beautiful sunset pictures. I have taken many myself,
    how can one resist the magic and colour display. I do agree that some clouds
    add extra interest in the way the sunrays break into a multitude of colours.
    By the way, I do love Peggy’s outfit.


    • I did point out to my dad once or twice, that there is nothing wrong with postcard photos. (Grin) I find myself looking for the beach reflection shots whenever I watch the sun set on the ocean! –Curt

  5. Curt, these are glorious sunset photos and the spirit soars to see them. What a stunning sight each evening for you and Peggy under your palapa (thank you for the new word for today!) How sweet that your father took and kept all the sunset photos even if publicly he saw them as ‘postcard pictures’! The beauty and allure of the setting sun melts all our hearts!

    • Laughing. My dad and I would have had a fun discussion had I found the sunset photos before he passed away, Annika. He spent a couple of years living on the Oregon coast where he could watch the sunset out his windows every night. đŸ™‚ –Curt

  6. The picture of Peggy is beautiful. It’s my favorite of all I’ve seen that you have taken of her. You certainly took advantage of a lovely setting highlight my dear friend.

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