There Be Monsters Out There… Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

No doubt about it, monsters lurk along Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon. But they tend to be fun and weird rather than scary.

A walk down the Malecon is a walk down memory lane for Peggy and me. No trip to Puerto Vallarta would be complete without one, or two, or three. The ocean with its waves, and beach and sealife— like pelicans performing their insane dives— the attractive city backed up against the hills, and the art. Especially the art! 

My next three posts will feature the work of the various artists starting today with the Roundabout of the Sea, a creative work by Alejandro Colunga from Guadalajara. It combines weird and fun at the same time. My kind of art. These photos have been taken on different trips at various times of the day.

Take this octopus, for example. It hangs up in the air on a high pedestal and stares down at passing folks.
With a palm frond backdrop.
And finally at night with out iPhone (having lost my camera).

Each of the pieces in the Roundabout is designed as a chair to allow people walking along the Malecon a chance to sit down and rest, or, more likely, have their photos taken.

Picture yourself leaning back here. (grin) Other chairs can be seen in the background. I call this piece Miss Golden Orbs. (Not sure how the artist would relate to the names I have created.)
Here is chair connected to Senior Long Snout. He is also featured at the top of the post.
Another view of Senior Long Snout.
And a side view in black and white.
Meet Bugle Nose.
And in color.
Bugle Nose’s chair with the Bay of Bandaras in the background.
Couldn’t come up with a name for this fellow…
But he grew on me.
A different perspective. 
A close up.
Finally, leaving the Roundabout wouldn’t be right without noticing the interesting feet these characters have.

NEXT POST: We continue our walk down the Malecon.

21 thoughts on “There Be Monsters Out There… Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon

  1. The photo you couldn’t come up with a name for? I think I’ve got it: “I Told You! No More Green Bean Casserole!”

    They’re a wonderful collection. My favorite’s the octopus with the palm frond background, but they’re all interesting and appealing.

    • Green bean casserole! It’s the season for it. I haven’t had any for a long, long time.
      They are all the work of a very creative and fertile imagination. My fav was you green bean character. 🙂 –Curt

  2. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen any more interesting sculpture. These creatures seem to be right out of the sea with their undulating tentacles and long snouts. Thanks for writing a post and including so many interesting photos.

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