The Beautiful Flowers of the Chatsworth House… Wednesday’s Photographic Essay

Picture of flowers at Chatsworth House by Curtis Mekemson.

The gardens at Chatsworth House are filled with beautiful flowers.


A few years ago, Peggy and I decided it would be fun to do a narrow boat tour in England and we invited her sister and brother-in-law Jane and Jim Hagedorn along. Jane has been one of my best friends forever and loves England. Even more than England, she loves English Gardens. When Jane learned we would be traveling past the Chatsworth House, she insisted that we had to stop for a visit. There were no ifs, ands or buts.

I can’t say I was ecstatic with the detour, but I was okay with it. The Chatsworth House, located in Derbyshire, is the seat of the Duke of Devonshire and wrapped in history, which always pulls me in. In the end, it wasn’t the stately home or the history that won me over, however. It was the beautiful gardens. Jane was absolutely right. I fell in love with the landscaping and even more the incredible flowers.

So, welcome to my Wednesday Photograph essay, and some beautiful flowers. Any favorites?

Flowers 17 at Chatsworth

Flowers 13 at Chatsworth

Flowers 8 at Chatsworth

Flower 18 at Chatsworth

Flowers 15 at Chatsworth

Flower 19 at Chatsworth

Flowers 16 at Chatsworth

Flowers 6 at Chatsworth

Flowers 11 at Chatsworth

Flowers 14 at Chatsworth

Flowers 9 at Chatsworth

Flower 1 at Chatsworth

Of course, Chatsworth is about much more than flowers. There is the landscape, sculptures, and the house. I spent my time in the house gaping instead of taking pictures, but here are a few of the landscape and sculptures that caught my attention or amused me. And one from inside the house.

Candles at Chatsworth

One look at this dining room convinced me that you would need one servant just to light and put out the candles!

Hare sculpture at Chatsworth

I loved this graceful, leaping hare.

Gargoyle at Chatsworth

And I have never met a gargoyle I didn’t like!

Greyhound sculpture at Chatsworth

I was amused by these realistic greyhounds. One seemed a bit dubious about the plant, while a bug, or maybe a strange smell, had caught the attention of the other two.

Dog sculpture peeing at Chatsworth House

And how much more real does it get than this? (grin)

Lion at Chatsworth

This lion seemed hyper alert. Was there a tourist on the menu? Is that drool coming out of its mouth?

Peggy and horse at Chatsworth

And this horse seemed a bit wild-eyed about Peggy snuggling up to it. Also, check out those laid back ears!

Metal sculpture at Chatsworth

Graceful nudes were cavorting in the garden.

Flower garden at Chatsworth

The flowers went on and on…

Gardens at Chatsworth

…and each turn in the path brought on a new view. The flat section stretching across the middle is a maze. “Hold your right hand on the wall and never lift it,” Peggy advised.

Tree at Chatsworth

Woven forms at Chatsworth

These unusual forms were woven from natural vines. Jane and Peggy provide perspective.

Peggy Mekemson and Jane Hagedorn at Chatsworth

I’ll conclude with Jane and Peggy relaxing on chairs made out of JFK coins. Be sure to join us on next Tuesday and Wednesday’s photographic essay as Jim and I pilot a 60 foot long, 8 foot wide narrow boat along picturesque English canals while Peggy and Jane operate the locks!


SATURDAY’S POST: A review of our 2017 travels… Happy New Year!

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FRIDAY’S POST: Back to blogging my book. I hire the family animals to protect me from ghosts.






32 thoughts on “The Beautiful Flowers of the Chatsworth House… Wednesday’s Photographic Essay

  1. The red and white tulips are knockouts. I always enjoy a white flower, so that was nice, too, and I really did like the vine sculpture. I can’t even imagine how much work it took to accomplish that, but it’s quite striking.

    • That they do, Andrew, although I find it interesting that the only way many of the privileged families of yore can make ends meet is by turning their homes into public museums. Their ancestors are probably rolling over in their graves!
      Thanks, fellow traveler. (grin)

  2. My introduction to society has yet to happen and at the age of 65, it just don’t bode well. I did make mental note of your quite correctly calling it a Gargoyle, a throated creature for water flow. Apparently I do have some breeding or rather trivial knowledge of Architecture. I enjoy reading the comments as much as I do looking at your wanderings. I have yet to see anything posted that was offensive or political. I love flowers, I think they make us stop and enjoy for a few minutes.Thanks for Sharing…

    • You are welcome Bradley! As for politics, it isn’t that I am apolitical or lacking in opinions (I spent my life as a community advocate on health and environmental issues working to pull diverse groups together to achieve common goals), it’s just that this is mainly a travel blog where I have fun sharing adventures and some of the world’s beauty. My end of the year post, which comes up on Saturday, is mildly political. 🙂 –Curt

      • “You poisoned my sweet water, you cut down my green trees, the food you fed my children, was the cause of their disease.” Chester Powers/AKA Dino Valenti. from his song “What about me”. There are two sides to every story, more than one way to look at a situation. But the difference Curt is that your followers are well read, intelligent and polite, well most of them. That Bradley guy be a little rough. No I am interested in Bench Rest Shooting. And I hear the, “Don’t bother me with Facts, I a have an opinion”! all the time plus insults so I just stopped reading that garbage. Yours is fun.

      • My whole life has taught me that there are two sides, Bradley, and also that there is usually a way that both sides can come to an agreement that benefits both if they are willing to sit down together. As for humor, I believe in it! If I can give people a laugh, or even a chuckle, then my post is worthwhile. –Curt

  3. I can’t pick a favorite of those flowers but it’s just what we need to remind us of spring during this cold winter! The photos are beautiful and I hope you, Peggy and your friends are having a glorious time, Curt. It certainly looks like you are! Happy New Year!!

  4. Sorry, but I can’t pick a favorite from all those luscious flowers, though those tulips are pretty stunning. Loved the ‘real’ greyhound and good to see Peggy’s smiling face!
    Wishing you both a lovely 2018 filled with travel and adventure.

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