South to New Zealand and Milford Sound: The Wednesday Photo Series

New Zealand Waterfall

Milford Sound is surrounded by spectacular waterfalls. We took a small tour boat that carried us out into the sound where we could visit them up close.

Today marks the beginning of my Wednesday photo series. Over the next month, or year, or several years, I am going to begin to post photos from around North America and the world. What else can you do with 76,000 photos? (grin)

I am starting off in Milford Sound. If you travel to New Zealand and then travel down to the South Island, and then travel even farther down to the southwest corner of the island, you come to the world-famous sound. It is a fame well deserved. These photos were taken the old-fashioned way, with film. I had to scan them into my computer so the quality isn’t quite the same, but the beauty of the area makes up for it. Enjoy.

Milford sound on the South Island of New Zealand. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

This is a view you have when driving into the sound.

Photo of Milford Sound taken by Peggy Mekemson.

A view of Milford Sound and the surrounding mountains. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

Photo of waterfalls in Milford Sound, New Zealand by Curtis Mekemson.

One of the waterfalls.

New Zealand waterfalls in Milford Sound

Another of the many falls. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

Small rainbow in Milford Sound, New Zealand. (Photo by Curtis Mekemson.)

I was intrigued by this small rainbow caused by water dripping off the cliff.

New Zealand Moutain Top near Milford Sound

One of the things about the west coast of the South Island is that glaciers are never very far away. Peggy and I took a helicopter ride up from the sound to this mountain top. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

New Zealand glacier photo by Curtis Mekemson.

We were allowed to get out of the helicopter and wander around. I took this photo of cracks in the glacier. That’s it for today. Next Wednesday, we will visit the island of Santorini in the Mediterranean Sea.


NEXT POST: I kick off my book on MisAdventures, whereupon I am kicked out of the first grade for a year and use foul language when falling off a cliff in a bulldozer.



34 thoughts on “South to New Zealand and Milford Sound: The Wednesday Photo Series

    • Thanks, AC. Having lived in Alaska, I’ve visited several glaciers, but there was something about how the glacier was showing its cracks fascinated me. I was quite pleased how the photo turned out. –Curt

  1. I agree with Carrie, these photos – each one of them – leave me speechless. And I guess as you stand there you don’t say much. Just drink in what you can contain.

    Santorini next, that I know. Nearer to home for us.
    Thanks for the beauty

    • The beauty is hard to deny, Ray. It even sparkles in black and white. I have a lot of scanning to do but fortunately, the price of taking and processing film photos always limited the number that I took. 🙂 it would be more like a hundred on a trip instead of a thousand! –Curt

    • Yes it is Gerard. I definitely want to go back but with Australia included! My first trip there was part of my six month tour around the South Pacific in 1976. I had included Australia then but didn’t make it much farther than Sydney. –Curt

    • I’ve been there three times as well, Peggy, twice for extended trips (the first was in 1976). One was to preview a route for a bike trek on the South Island that I was organizing. Thanks much. –Curt

  2. Only 76,000 photos, Curt! 😀😀 These are stunning and I love the one with the rainbow as the water cascades over the waterfall…just perfect. As for the glaciers, wow! I never knew there were any in New Zealand and it must have been amazing to land in them and the one of the crack in the glacier is full of atmosphere and haunting.

    • Further up the west coast of the South Island, it gets even stranger, Annika. You walk through a tropical rainforest right up to the base of the glacier! Peggy and I do tend to go a bit over-board when it comes to taking photos and I am the more guilty! 🙂 The cracks in the glacier has always been a favorite of mine. –Curt

  3. Your New Zealand photos are welcome, for sure. We’ve thought about a trip to NZ, and these sights to see are right up there with the best of ’em. But the waterfalls are no more dazzling than the ones you’ve shown in Oregon, or even the ones we saw on the tourist trails of Oregon. You’ve definitely seen some gorgeous sights/sites.

    • I checked out Harris, Linda. The man certainly liked his snow covered mountains and glaciers and was able to capture their unique beauty. There are few places in the world where glaciers are as accessible as they are on the South Island of New Zealand. Thank you. –Curt

  4. Milford with blue skies – what luck! I also did the helicopter thing when I was there, Fox Glacier if I recall, still my one and only helicopter ride. I remember the pilot going straight up to get through a cloud layer on the way to that glacier landing pad, that blew my mind as much as the scenery.

  5. New Zealand is definitely on our list. Even though the photos are scanned they are incredible. I like your idea of the photos on Wednesday. Santorini is one of our happiest destinations so will look forward to that!

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