A Big Bosomed Bee, Curious Cats, and Other Whimsical Art of Burning Man

I came across these cats a few years back way out on the Playa, about as far as you can get from Black Rock City and still be in the area fenced off for Burning Man. They definitely meet my description for whimsical.


It’s photo Friday for me where I put out a blog that is long on photography and short (or at least shorter) on words. I’ve been concentrating on Burning Man the past several weeks and will continue for a few more. I have my ticket for 2017 so I am excited. Hopefully next week, we will get a ticket for Peggy as well.


It isn’t just anywhere you would expect to find a big bosomed bee. But then again, you never know what to expect at Burning Man. Someone must have had a lot of fun crocheting the bra.


Having tackled the giant women of Burning Man, I’ve been thinking about what to feature next on Burning Man sculptures. Like mutant vehicles, there are so many it is difficult to choose and even harder to organize. I started by going through my photo library and picking out a few I thought might be of interest. That got me down to 1500. I think you can see my problem. “Okay, Curt, focus!” I admonished as I scrolled through the 1500 photos for the third time.

There are categories, sort of. They are totally arbitrary and from my perspective. But it’s a start. So today, I am going to feature what I find humorous, whimsical and weird, recognizing that the three are often combined in my mind. There are enough here that I will be presenting more over the weekend.

Dogs aren’t allowed at Burning Man, but they made an exception for this fellow in 2006.

My friend Ken decided that the dog was large enough to ride, but was a little confused as to the direction. Meanwhile, the dog’s family looked on, including…

Mr. Big Bottom…

Miss Short Legs…

And Miss Long Legs.

Pucker up…

And meet a suave Sphinx.

Ready for a little monkey business?

Or maybe some big monkey business? All dressed up in his pink tutu, Kong is ready to go out on the town.

Do you want to dance?

The sound man is ready…

With his necklace of speakers.

The hare will fiddle… (Photo by our friend Don Green.)

And the turtle will dance with you. (Photo by Don Green.)

Tomorrow’s Blog: More humorous, whimsical, and weird Burning Man sculptures.


19 thoughts on “A Big Bosomed Bee, Curious Cats, and Other Whimsical Art of Burning Man

  1. I couldn’t help wondering if that blue dog was influenced by the famous “Blue Dog” paintings” of George Rodrigue. It certainly brought his work to mind in a flash, and suggested that there might be a connection. The Blue Dog was used so widely in advertising campaigns that it certainly was known beyond Louisiana.

    • It’s certainly possible, Linda. The color is right. I first came across the “Blue Dog” in Carmel, California where Rodrigue also has a gallery. I was immediately attracted to the dog, which was based on a terrier/spaniel mix named Tiffany that had been a family pet. (I think the Burning Man dog is more of a hound.) –Curt

    • That Big Boob phenomena is obvious, Rusha. 🙂 The guys don’t get equal time. Peggy complains about that on occasion. Maybe it’s an Earth Mother type of place. I suspect other motivation. –Curt

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