Yosemite… A Photographic Journey through America’s National Parks

Yosemite's Half Dome captured on a hazy day. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Half Dome captured on a hazy day.

One of our goals over the past several years has been to visit all of America’s National Parks. We’ve been to all 50 states in pursuit of this objective. There are a couple in Alaska still on our “to do list.” Since Peggy and I are presently wandering in Mexico, I’ve recruited some of our favorite National Park photos to fill in while we are gone. Enjoy.

 My feet know a lot about Yosemite. For years I led backpack trips that included sections of the National Park as I wandered from Lake Tahoe in the north to Mt. Whitney in the south on journeys ranging from 70-360 miles. The latter I did to celebrate my 60th birthday.  This is the land of John Muir and Ansel Adams: towering granite mountains, sparkling lakes, snow-fed streams, forested slopes and vistas that go on forever.

Forest giant on northern edge of Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

I captured this forest giant on the Pacific Crest Trail, which along with the John Muir Trail, provided my major routes through Yosemite.

Pacific Crest Trial sign in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Trail signs are always welcome reminders that you are on the right route. This Pacific Crest Trial sign has been up long enough to be buried in the tree.

Pacific Crest trail downed tree displays beautiful grains of wood in its roots. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Downed tree along Pacific Crest Trail displaying beautiful grains of wood.

Falls on Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Falls along the Tuolumne River. Peggy, our daughter Tasha, and I had spent the night before below the falls chasing a mother bear and her two cubs out of our camp.

Tuolumne River flows through Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Fall photo of Tuolumne River flowing though Tuolumne Meadows.

Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Another fall photo of Tuolumne Meadows.

Granite in Yosemite National Park. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

Granite rules in Yosemite!

A Yosemite meadow at a lower elevation. (Photo by Peggy Mekemson.)

Black and white photo of Yosemite Valley. Photo by Curtis Mekemson.

A final view looking down into Yosemite Valley. I utilized black and white here to honor the great Yosemite photographer Ansel Adams.

NEXT BLOG: A trip into Death Valley.







13 comments on “Yosemite… A Photographic Journey through America’s National Parks

  1. Stunning photos! Images like that always inspire my writing, so I enjoy your posts.
    Safe journey in Mexico. If you return to the USA via New Mexico take some pictures in Las Cruces for me. 🙂 I’ve applied for a job there. LOL. [Not much chance of getting it as they are 99% “pre-selected” but I still dream.]

    • Fun to know you are a sculpture, Hilary. If you haven’t been to my Burning Man Blogs, go to my side bar and check them out. Peggy and I love the art that is being presented there and some of the sculptures are incredible. –Curt

  2. I’ve never been to Yosemite, except through Adam’s photos (and perhaps a few others’). Because of that, your color pics are marvelous. They’re an entirely different way of envisioning the place. I do love the downed tree. It reminds me of the marvelous, knotted roots of cypress. Take a good, thick slice through that and you’d have quite something.

    The meadow photos are nice, too. Beautiful, muted fall colors.

    • Most people picture Yosemite as the Valley, since that is where the vast number of people visit and take millions of photos. And it is spectacular. My first love is for the backcountry, however. –Curt

  3. These are beautiful, Curt. I met Ansel Adams once. I was working at a SF book store and he was there to sign some of his books. I had no money for books, but did have a Time Magazine with a photo of him on the cover. He signed it with a smile.

    • Thanks. I’ve spent enough time wandering through Yosemite that it feels like home to me. And the beauty is indeed everywhere, from the smallest flower up to the towering mountains of granite. –Curt

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